February 7, 2023

Marvel Comics has revealed a few details for another Heroes Reborn event – a radical transformation of the Marvel Universe

Recently, Marvel Comics tweeted out an image asking, ‘Heroes Reborn: Whatever Happened to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?’

The original Heroes Reborn event took place in the 90s, spearheaded by Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Jim Valentino, and Jeph Loeb.  It was meant as a relaunch of its heroes to bring new readers on board by telling re-imagined stories of its most popular comics.  The event itself was a result of the previous Onslaught event. And ultimately, it was explained by saying that the Heroes Reborn universe was a pocket dimension created by Franklin Richards.

Heroes Reborn connected covers


Up until now, few details have been revealed about this project. But all that is about to change.  Earlier today, Marvel announced the first four issues of the event, Heroes Reborn #1-#4, all written by Jason Aaron.


Here’s what we know so far. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers never existed.  Tony Stark never built his Iron Man armor. Thor is an alcoholic atheist.  Wakanda is a myth.  Captain America was never found in the ice.  In the place of the Avengers, Squadron Supreme is the Earth’s protectors.  Blade the Vampire Hunter is the only man that remembers the old universe.

This alternate Marvel Universe kicks off in May. So be prepared!

Source: Marvel


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