February 6, 2023
Top Five | Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Max explores the future of the galaxy far, far away and ponders where the adventures of Star Wars will go next

What is the future of Star Wars?

I always speculate about the future. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. Unfortunately due to my obsessive nature, I like to combine my interests into one narrative. My biggest interests are futurism and Star Wars. It’s a pretty good combination since much of the situations and technology of Star Wars are what is speculated as to the future. However, I am focusing on the franchise itself. Where will Star Wars be in 2040? Will it still be as popular as it is today? Will it even be an active franchise or just a distant memory for film buffs.

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I am going to take the positive route and assume that’s Disney is still utilizing it. Anyway, there is an amateur Futurist on YouTube who makes timeline videos. Each video is his account of the future divided by the decades. He is up to the 2040s now and in that video, he prognosticated a quite intriguing prediction.

In the early 2040s, there will be a Star Wars movie centered around how humans came about to develop on Coruscant. This is quite an interesting concept and ALMOST happen with a now non-canon non-canon (yes two) story called “Alien Exodus”. It is a story about how humans from our Galaxy’s future traveled through time and space to the Star Wars galaxy and settled on Coruscant.



It would show that Star Wars is indeed the past and humans came from Earth but from the future. Yes, it is a bit of a mind freak but it’s quite fascinating. I doubt Disney will go this route but you can’t help but wonder what is next for the mega-franchise. Right now we are exploring The High Republic but what could be next? A Multiverse crossover between other franchises? A story so far into the future or past that everything doesn’t even remotely resemble the original story? Or something else? We can only speculate.

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For more information on the future of Star Wars, head over to the official website and explore a wealth of Star Wars awesomeness.


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