November 30, 2023

Hot Toys has shared a teaser image of the upcoming Boba Fett 1/6 scale action figure from The Mandalorian Season 2

Hot Toys has shared a teaser image for a new Boba Fett 1/6 Scale Figure. The release will be based on his appearance in The Mandalorian Season 2 where the legendary bounty hunter made a stellar return to the franchise.

The Mandalorian Chapter 14 - 033
The Mandalorian Chapter 14 (© 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.)


The teaser image reveals Boba Fett, sporting the iconic weathered armor that he retrieved from Din Djarin’s Razor Crest before its destruction. Check it out below:

“I don’t want your armor. I want my armor.” – Boba Fett

In exchange for the return of his Mandalorian armor, the famed bounty hunter has ensured the safety of the Child. Ready up for the next 1/6th scale figure reveal from Hot Toys’ feted collection celebrating the hit Star Wars™ series The Mandalorian streaming on Disney+!

Hot Toys Boba Fett

Hopefully, this figure will be the first of many. Especially since Boba repainted his armor during the season and gave it a fresh new look. And with The Book Of Boba Fett heading to Disney Plus in December, hopefully, there will be more figures than we’ll know what to do with. And that is an enticing prospect.

Sadly, Hot Toys haven’t shared any further information. But as soon as they peel back the curtain and let us explore this glorious looking figure, you’ll be the first to know. So, keep it real, and keep it Future of the Force.

Source: Hot Toys


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