January 28, 2023

Star Wars: Knitting The Galaxy is a triumph. Grab your needles and get ready to amaze everyone with homemade items from a galaxy far, far away!

Grab your needle and threat because it’s time to explore Star Wars: Knitting The Galaxy! Yes, you read that right.

Tie-in books come in all shapes and sizes. And content. Some focus on the special effects. The making of a particular film. Or a TV show. There are those which are comedic and lighthearted. Some are kids’ books, designed to entertain, educate and help them learn to read. There is, of course, the official novelization of said property. And then there are those which are something designed to catch the eye and give the reader a project to work on at home. These are cookbooks, cocktail-making books, and the like. But here, with the official Star Wars knitting pattern book, we have something that will bring joy and hours of fun to those the book will appeal to.

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Tanis Gray has compiled a book featuring twenty-eight official patterns for replica outfits, home decor projects, and even cuddly toys. Alongside Tanis Gray’s patterns, there are those designed by Lotta Lundin, Trysten Molina, and more inside the pages of the book. It doesn’t make any difference what skill level you have, the book caters to all. Just by looking at the front cover, you can see what you could be making with your needles in the comfort of your own home.

Star Wars: Knitting The Galaxy | by Tanis Gray

Star Wars: Knitting The Galaxy Cover

The cover shows several of the finished projects that are contained inside the pages. A knitted Yoda gazes at us (or is it Grogu aka The Child?), a Porg looks at us with its big beady eyes. Other Star Wars-related knitted projects also take up the front cover, showing every reader what they could achieve. The back cover shows us a pair of Yoda knitted gloves, a child’s Ewok hat, and a costume that could be worn by Leia or Rey from their respective movies.

As we open the book itself, we are suddenly thrust into the world of creating Star Wars projects at home. Each pattern is accompanied by full-color photographs to demonstrate what you are creating.

R2-D2 Mittens


The book is split into sections, starting with toys. Here, we will discover four designs for knitting cuddly stuffed creations like the Porg, Pocket Yoda, Chewie, and even the Death Star. Each pattern has its skill level mentioned at the very start of the pattern. And all four of the toys are designed for the intermediate knitter. Each pattern comes with an introduction alongside details regarding exactly what the knitter will need to bring the pattern to life. From the yarn needed to the needles required. The notions and tension, and the pattern stitch. Everything is there ready for the creation to spring to life. And if the knitter is a Star Wars fan, there is some nifty behind-the-scenes information added to the pages for them.

Ewok Hat

We move on now and come across Costume replicas. It is here where we will discover the designs for making Luke Skywalker’s Flight Jacket, Princess Leia’s Hoth Snow Gilet, Rey’s Waistcoat, and Arm Wraps. And even Padme’s Battle Wrap. The first two patterns are for the intermediates once again and Padme’s battle wrap is suitable for the beginner. But when it comes to Rey’s waistcoat and arm wraps, it is suitable for the advanced knitter. Once again, all the details are here alongside the measurements and what is needed.

Lightsaber Socks


Next up is Inspired Apparel. This section is dedicated to clothes and accessories. These are inspired by various scenes and events throughout the franchise’s long history. Among the items that can be created here is The Order Of The Jedi Pullover, Lightsaber Socks, TIE Fighter Hat, and Mittens. The Millenium Falcon Cowl, Yoda Mitts, Darth Vader Pullover, and the Clone Trooper Hat. Once again, the patterns here are designed for the various skill levels. But many need the knitter to be at the advanced stage. Especially the Darth Vader Pullover. The work and craft needed to create this completely brilliant-looking pullover cannot be underestimated. It looks amazing but requires a lot of hard work to bring to life.

Some of the patterns in the section are suitable for the beginner. With apparel such as scarves being or seeming like they are pretty straightforward to make. But when it comes to socks and mittens, I was surprised by the amount of work and attention to detail that is needed. Just by looking at the photographs and the pattern itself, the uninitiated will gain a newfound level of respect for those people who endeavor to create these items. I won’t lie. It would drive me crazy even attempting to make the basic items here but the results are incredible.

Darth Vader Pullover


We come now to Home Decor. In this section, we are given the patterns and instructions to make the BB-8 Throw Blanket, A Droid Scatter Cushion Set, and the Villainous Mini Sweater Ornaments. I have to admit, although I could never make these delightful items myself, I would like to have them in my own home. The BB-8 throw blanket would look great on one of my armchairs. The Droid scatter cushion set would look fantastic on my sofas. And the mini sweaters would make an interesting set of decorations to have on display anywhere in the home.

The rest of the book is dedicated to the techniques needed to make the items contained on the pages. The abbreviations, the yarn resource guide. And finally, the acknowledgments where the reader will discover the talented sample knitters who have created the items showcased on the interior of the book. They demonstrate what can be made by the individuals out there who will enjoy spending their time making the delightful patterns.

Star Wars: Knitting The Galaxy Cushions


Although I probably wouldn’t attempt to make these designs (I wouldn’t know where to start). The book does a wonderful job of showing what can be accomplished with a lot of dedication and hard work. The skills needed to create more complex items cannot be underestimated. The craft, the time, and the dedication required will appeal to those out there who enjoy knitting and bringing the various designs to life. And showing what can be done with just a little patience and know-how. I recommend the book to all those people out there who have a desire for arts and crafts. It has certainly opened my eyes. And it has given me a newfound appreciation for those who make the items we wear, adorn our homes, and take for granted every day.

Tanis Gray’s exemplary book is a triumph. And it’s well worth adding to your collection. Especially for those out there that will get a kick out of the wonderful designs. They will keep fans occupied during these challenging times. So, grab your needles, buy the yarn and get ready to amaze everyone with homemade items from a galaxy far, far away!

Star Wars: Knitting The Galaxy by Tanis Gray is published by Pavillion. Photographs by Tyler Chartier. The book is available to buy NOW!


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