October 3, 2022

Max explores the team assigned to bring The High Republic to life and shares a few choices he’d like to see join the party

For those of you who aren’t living in the Jundland Wastes; the latest phase of Star Wars storytelling is called The High Republic. Teased a few years ago as Project Luminous; many fans thought it would be a story about Jedi vs. Mandalorian. They were wrong but on the right track. The High Republic takes place 200 years before the events of The Phantom Menace. And it has the Jedi pitted against a powerful new enemy.

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Now, Lucasfilm and Disney decided to put together a team of authors to write these tales. Smart idea. Yet their picks for the authors are a little questionable. Don’t get me wrong. All of the writers could write circles around me. But being a reviewer also means sometimes being fickle. The writers on the roster are Charles Soule, Cavan Scott, Daniel Jose Older, Claudia Gray, and Justina Ireland. Aside from Justina, I am not a huge fan of the authors and feel Lucasfilm should’ve picked others.

My dream team of writers at this point in my experience is Drew Karpashyn, Matthew Stover, and John Jackson Miller. I didn’t include the uncle of Star Wars; Timothy Zahn because I think his rebooted Thrawn Trilogy is nowhere near as good as his original. James Luceno also didn’t make the cut because his last 2 books (and his only entries in canon) were to be blunt; terrible. Now many will raise an eyebrow when I saw Karpashyn but honestly, his novels were boss. The man knows how to tell a story and his endings are always satisfying. That’s the mark of a good writer. You can easily start a story but how you finish it matters 10x more and is much harder.

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Stover is a genius with descriptive language and you can tell JJ Miller loves not just Star Wars but Sci-fi in general. And of the three: he is the only one with a canon entry in the novels. So far, Drew and Matthew have been effectively ghosted by Disney so I’m assuming they weren’t as liked by them as I do. Yet they would be the perfect triumvirate of writers and something that would exceed my wildest literary dreams.

Which authors would you like to see on The High Republic team? Drop us a line and join the conversation.


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1 thought on “Star Wars | The High Republic Literary Dream Team

  1. I’d love to see Marissa Meyer who wrote The Lunar Chronicles get a chance. She knows how to do a space war and intergalactic politics. Thorne was a total young Han and there were other parallels too. And she’s a self admitted fan. I would have chosen her to do the Padme books if I was on the editorial team. Alas, she’s not part of the Disney Publishing/Hyperion wheelhouse.

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