October 3, 2022

Max explores the evidence against Gina Carano following Lucasfilm‘s decision to remove her from their future plans

One of the most controversial topics in the brand of Star Wars right now is the brouhaha regarding GINA CARANO, the female wrestler turned actor who portrayed the tough but sexy Rebel Shocktrooper Cara Dune in the hit Disney+ show, the Mandalorian. The Mandalorian is the flagship entry into the world of Star Wars live-action television. And it did better than anyone could have hoped for. Gina had a pretty sweet deal with Disney and was even rumored to have her own spin-off in the works. Then she discovered Twitter.



Social media I believe is a disease, and brings out the worst in people. Tweets from famous people can blow up the internet. And if you say something that is not well received, you will be canceled. Gina shared some unpopular opinions regarding transgenderism and politics. People were outraged. They hashtagged FireGinaCarano and eventually, that’s what Disney did. The final straw was Carano comparing Republicans to Jews during the Holocaust. Huh?

That seems a bit of a disproportionate comparison. Like comparing a splinter to a gunshot wound. Carano even felt compelled to post pictures to drive her point forward. Gina also downplayed the 2019- COVID-19 pandemic. Which angered a lot of Americans because over 500,000 people were lost to the virus. So it seems like a no-brainer to fire her. However, as someone who was very unpopular in high school.  Someone who a more powerful person bullies and an entity will often lash out. And events will snowball until you have an avalanche that seems to be unstoppable.

The Mandalorian | Panel Breakdown


Carano claimed that Disney bullied her, and honestly, do we know the truth? The new Big Three eerily spoke out against Disney and the franchise with the unwillingness to return to their characters. Daisy Ridley originally said she was done with Rey. John Boyega spent months speaking out against racism. And Oscar Isaac bitterly and sarcastically said he would return as Poe if he needed a new house. What is going on here?

Everyone assumes Disney is like heaven on Earth. A joyous company with mouse ears welcoming everyone. Sure, that may be true initially. But is it possible that only rings true when you follow EVERYTHING the House of Mouse commands you to do? If even Mark Hamill feels unhappy with how his character was directed, you know something is not right. Gina shouldn’t have used the Holocaust to make a point. That is clear. It puts a bad taste in our mouths. And her views of transgenderism and COVID are misguided and ignorant.

The Mandalorian Chapter 4 - Cara Dune

Yet, this country was built on the promise of free speech, and that means anything short of initiating violence or inciting violence can be allowed. I think Carano is a bit too aggressive for my taste, yet does that mean she should be blown out the airlock?

Did Disney make the right call? Drop us a line in the comments section. We love hearing from you.


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1 thought on “Should Gina Carano Have Been Fired From Disney?

  1. My knee jerk reaction was that she deserved to be fired, but you do bring up good points, and it is obvious Disney has problems within.

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