December 8, 2023

The March Disney nuiMOs collection has arrived at ShopDisney and Darcie is on hand with her top fashion tips for the new additions

It’s the first of March which means the next nuiMOs collection has been released on shop Disney. This month’s theme is fashion collection 2, it features a total of ten new outfits in a wide range of styles. A second spirit jersey is also available. Joining last month’s black London jersey is a pink jersey with Disney in gold sparkly lettering on the back. If you have a pink spirit jersey I would recommend you buy this one for your nuiMO and on your next park trip, you can match. But the biggest release this month is the addition of two new characters: Miss Piggy and Kermit The Frog!

New Characters

Joining the original six characters are The Muppets favorites Miss Piggy and Kermit The Frog. Both characters are fully posable,  can stand unsupported, and are adorable.


Miss Piggy Disney nuiMos

Miss Piggy comes dressed in her classic shiny satin-like pink dress – a very fashionable material currently.  The dress has a little belt with a bow, this is not detachable but she also comes with a detachable blue necklace. She also wears sown on satin-like gloves.


Kermit The Frog Disney nuiMos

Kermit sadly does not come with any detachable or clothing items. He is kept traditional like all of the nuiMO characters, with just his green collar on, this is however sown on. Both new characters are priced at £12.95.

Fashion Collection 2

This fashion collection has a very spring vibe. With lighter colors, straw hats, and layered looks. My favorite outfit this month is the ruffled dress and jacket set. It features a layered blue dress that has a very graceful look to it. A sheer light blue jacket with puff sleeves and a pair of blue spotty laced trainers. This is a fun outfit that is in keeping with current fashion trends.

nuiMos Ruffled Blue Dress Set

There are three over-dress outfits this month. The polka dot dress and jacket set, captures the changing weather of spring, the yellow coat similar to a raincoat. One dress and jacket set is certainly for posh nuiMO’s, featuring a dog tooth dress and bow, a full-length white jacket, and a stylish handbag. The floral dress and t-shirt set is probably my least favorite, it is a generic outfit lacking the wow factor of the other outfits. There is also an adorable skirt outfit, the skirt a nod to picnic blankets. The white Jacket and t-shirt working perfectly with the skirt. The four colored trainers however do not work with the skirt at all.

nuiMos dress set

Trouser Sets

The collection also features five trouser sets. The first features a floral shirt, black trousers, and woven style shoes, it’s cute but simple. The next has a very nautical feel, featuring a blue jacket with red detailing, cream trousers, and a blue striped detail t-shirt. This outfit would look perfect on Donald Duck.  Next is my favorite trouser set, it has all the elements of a 50s spring look. Combining a pale blue zip-up jacket, with a white shirt and brown trousers.  Simply adorable. The final two outfits would work perfectly as a pair. The Striped T-shirt, wide-leg colorful trousers set comes with a wood-style clutch bag.  This look paired with the sun hat set, which features a ‘let’s go’ slogan tee with green trousers evokes feelings of spring sunshine.

Disney nuiMos March Jacket Set


This month’s collection certainly feels like a spring collection. The outfits ranging in various designs and colors. However, they fall short of last month’s character-inspired collection. The additions of Miss Piggy and Kermit are fantastic and tie in perfectly with the recent edition of The Muppets Show on Disney+. Next month’s collection is called vintage and dress shop collection and will feature vintage-inspired looks. I certainly hope there are some 80s looks to dress my Daisy Duck nuiMO in.

To add any of these wonderful new additions to your collection – visit ShopDisney and explore the nuiMOs collection here.


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