Hero Collector Star Trek Universe Starships Collection Featured

Introducing the Star Trek Universe Line. Hero Collectors Official Starships Collection is getting a fresh new look and a whole new fleet of starships.

Set a course for the STAR TREK UNIVERSE line. Maximum warp!

We’ve known for some time that HERO Collector’s impressive line of Official Star Trek Starships would be getting a fresh new look. And starting in April 2021, the company will embark on a new chapter. Relaunching under the umbrella title The Star Trek Universe Starship Collection, the line will boast all of the latest starships. Including all-new waves from Star Trek: Picard, Discovery, and Strange New Worlds.



The new line will be launching in April with the La Sirena from Star Trek: Picard. We previewed this stunning vessel a few weeks ago, as well as the U.S.S Zheng, and a classic Romulan Bird of Prey. And today, Hero Collector has shared the first six vessels that will make up the first Universe line. We are delighted to reveal that the first 6 issues of the Star Trek Universe collection will all focus on vessels seen in Star Trek: Picard. And amongst these delightful new vessels are Narek’s Snakehead and Seven of Nines Ferris Rangers ship.

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La Sirena: The hero ship of Star Trek: Picard, this Kaplan F17 Speed Freighter was hired by Jean-Luc Picard and helmed by Captain Rios, an ex-Starfleet officer himself. It was a discreet warp-capable ship, well-suited to the search for Soji Asha.

Star Trek Picard La Sirena

U.S.S. Zheng He: An Inquiry-class starship, the U.S.S. Zheng He was touted as the toughest, fastest, most powerful ship Starfleet had ever put into service. William Riker returned from retirement to captain it into battle above the planet Coppelius.

Hero Collector USS Zheng

Romulan Bird-of-Prey: A retro callback to the classic Romulan designs of the Original Series, this antique Romulan starship was owned by the warlord Kar Kantar, and terrorized shipping throughout the Qiris Sector.

Hero Collector Romulan Bird Of Prey


Fenris Ranger Ship: A small, aggressively-armed one-person starship, this vessel was piloted by Seven of Nine in her work with the vigilante Fenris Rangers. She used it to come to the rescue of La Sirena when it came under fire in the Qiris Sector.

Narek’s Snakehead: A nimble Romulan scout vessel, the Snakehead’s size belied its formidable armaments and cloaking capabilities. Narek flew this starship in pursuit of La Sirena, as it fled The Artifact.

Hero Collector Nerek's Ship

Romulan Bomber Warbird: A new class of Romulan starship, this sharp-edged, angular warbird was employed by both the Romulan Free State and the secretive Tal Shiar in their exploitation of The Artifact.


These hand-painted, die-cast starship models perfectly replicate the most iconic starships from modern live-action Star Trek TV series, And each one is accompanied by an in-depth magazine, including ship specs, behind-the-scenes info, and interviews with designers. this new series is designed as a continuation of Hero Collector’s popular Star Trek: Discovery Starships Collection. Featuring new starships at the same scale, to keep collections compatible.

And if that isn’t enough to have you dancing around the warp core; Hero Collector is teaming up with the team at Star Trek Online. The collaboration will support their fundraising efforts for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.


To register your interest or subscribe to the Star Trek Universe collection, please go here: http://herocollector.com/StarTrekUniverse

Fans can also buy the ships individually from their favorite specialty retailer, or direct from Eaglemoss Hero Collector, starting with the iconic La Sirena: http://bit.ly/LaSirenaShip


For more information on The Star Trek Universe from Hero Collector, maintain your orbit around Future of the Force. We’ll be reviewing several new vessels in the coming weeks and they are gonna blow your socks off.


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