February 6, 2023

What was it like living next to the Bajoran Wormhole? Carl discovers the answers in Eaglemoss’ Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Illustrated Handbook

The wormhole is open, and the gateway to STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE awaits. It’s time to join the crew of the Defiant and explore the Star Trek: DS9 Illustrated Handbook.

What a great time to be a ‘Star Trek‘ fan! Although the franchise has never really gone away, the selection of material is ever-growing. With all the new shows and the merchandise that is hitting shelves, Trek fans are being spoilt. It is also a time for looking back at shows from days gone past. Recently, Eaglemoss/Hero Collector released a book devoted to ‘Star Trek: Voyager‘ which was a wonderful look back at the show in its entirety.

Star Trek Voyager A Celebration Review


Not being content with that, the publisher has now released a handbook dedicated to ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘. The show is fondly remembered by fans across the globe. even though the ending was a downer in some respects. But with this new book, fans can look back at what was a terrific show and marvel at what they were given. Featuring over one hundred artworks and technical drawings, the book is a detailed guide to the station. As well as the U.S.S Defiant, and the runabouts featured within the show. The book is yet another triumph.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Illustrated Handbook | Eaglemoss/Hero Collector

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Illustrated Handbook

The cover wrapping once more holds a QR code to unlock bonus content so the reader will need to hold onto it. The front cover displays a technical drawing of the station itself. Alongside three images located underneath the logo of the show. These show a diagram of the interior of part of the station, the Defiant, and of course, Benjamin Sisko himself. The back cover displays the same technical drawing of the station as the front cover. Alongside a description of what we will find inside the pages contained within.

We open the front cover and enter the book itself and are immediately confronted with a photograph of the station in orbit. Set against a backdrop of stars. We turn the page and come across the contents page. Here, we discover that the book is cut into sections, the first being the station itself and all it contains.  Whether it be Quark’s Bar, the replicator systems, the docking bays, or the turbo-lift network. All is here, ready and waiting to be discovered by the reader. After the acknowledgments and the foreword, we start our tour within the station itself.


We start with the construction and the refit of the former Cardassian station known as Terok Nor. Here, we will discover exactly what the Federation has changed and updated on the station itself. We are given details regarding the central core, the rings and pylons and her history after the occupation, and the wartime upgrades added to the design. Following this, we are taken inside the station’s operational history. Everything that has been recorded about DS9 is here, in great detail and accompanied by photos from the series itself to accentuate the text.

We arrive at the section dedicated to the annotated exterior views. It is here where we will be afforded the chance to view the station from various viewpoints.  Discovering everything about her outside viewpoints. No detail is left out and will enthrall the reader with studying every aspect of her outside appearance.


The Bajoran Wormhole is studied next alongside a detailed history of the space anomaly itself. Everything is afforded to the reader to learn and discover regarding this major plot point in the series. Following this, we are taken deep inside the interior of the station where we will discover and explore every inch of the insides of DS9. Nothing is left out and again, full-color photographs, technical drawings, illustrations, and wonderful descriptive text help us in our quest to learn everything we can.

We now move onto chapter two and the runabouts. Here, we will discover the support craft assigned to Deep Space Nine in full detail. Once more, we will discover the technical aspects of the craft, the history of them, and all ten of the support craft. from the U.S.S Gander through the U.S.S Rubicon to the U.S.S Yukon. Every runabout has its own small section alongside how it got its name and its operational history. We are taken inside the cockpit of a Danube-Class vessel. And with the aid of terrific illustrations and technical detail, we discover what makes this ship tick. Every one of the important features contained within is analyzed and presented to the reader.


Chapter Three is dedicated to that fantastic ‘little’ ship, the Defiant herself. Created to combat the threats represented by the Borg and the Dominion alliance’s Jem’Hadar, this elegant Warship is afforded the respect she commands and deserves. Alongside the many photos, illustrations, and technical plans of her, we are given her full history. The destruction of the first Defiant by a Breen energy-dampening weapon is explored. Alongside the renaming of the U.S.S Sao Paulo to become the new Defiant. And it wouldn’t be proper to not include her cameo appearance from ‘Star Trek: First Contact‘ and so, that too is included.

The exterior views presented to the reader of the ship itself leave nothing to the imagination. Or to be desired. Like the DS9 station itself, the exterior of the ship is examined in great detail, showing us what she is made of. The key locations residing inside her are examined at length. The four decks that are contained within her frame are discussed in detail alongside a technical drawing showing us where everything is located inside. The ship’s weapons and defense systems. A look inside her main bridge, the transport systems, and the holographic systems among others go under the microscope within these impressive pages. And no look at the Defiant would be complete without a look at the shuttle pod. And the Shuttlecraft Chaffee that she contains inside her incredible framework.


Do you know your hand phaser from your Bajoran Energy Weapons? You will as following on from our look at the Defiant, we are afforded a look at the weapons we will need to arm ourselves with. Alongside the weapons, we will face during our travels. Again, every aspect of the weapons we see during our time on the show is examined in great detail. Every button and switch located on or in these tools of survival and death is revealed to us here. The Starfleet TR-116 Rifle is examined. The Bajoran Energy Weapons are laid bare for us all to see, the Bajoran Tricorder makes an appearance alongside Anti-Changeling Devices. And the Modified Polaron Emitters. They are all here.


We now come across the Uniforms and Rank Insignia we see during the show. The command color red, worn by Kira Nerys. The science color blue as worn by Jadzia Dax and Julian Bashir. And of course, the operations color gold that is worn by Miles O’Brien. Along with the Flag Officer Rank Pips and the Officer Rank Pips. Accompanying these are visual representations of the uniforms worn by the Federation officers aboard DS9.  The Bajoran uniforms and insignia and the desert and combat uniforms. All are here in their splendor alongside descriptions of every aspect of every uniform. We learn all about these as we come to the end of our time within the book’s pages.


After spending time within the book’s impressive and deeply immersive pages, the reader may feel the need to stop off at Quark’s Bar to get themselves a much-deserved beverage! There is nothing more a DS9 fan could want from a book like this. Written by Simon Hugo, who also edits the book, and with additional text by Ian Chaddock, the book is amazing. The research, detail, and sheer love that has been poured into the book and its pages is nothing short of incredible. Many inferior books have tried to tap into the fan’s need and thirst for answers and knowledge and come across as cheap tie-ins. Believe me, this book ISN’T one of them. There is nothing more the ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘ fan could want or need from this book.

Jump into a Shuttle Craft, head for the closest wormhole, emerge from the other side and head straight for the closest book store to get your copy. Quark would accept no less!

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Illustrated Handbook is published by HERO Collector/Eaglemoss and is available to BUY NOW!


To celebrate the release of this awesome new Star Trek title, our friends at Hero Collector have given us two copies to giveaway. To be in with a chance of winning simply head over to our official Twitter account, FOLLOW US, RETWEET, and share your favorite thing about DS9!

Good luck and Live Long and Prosper!


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