December 11, 2023
Being a 'Star Wars' Fan: A Quick Self-Analysis

An untitled Star Wars Middle-Grade Book is coming from Mark Oshiro. But what could it be? 


The curious case of the Star Wars Middle-Grade reader.

One of the best finds in terms of cataloging Star Wars literature is the German-run website Jedibibliothek. It has a calendar that extends far into the future and usually lists books ahead of time. And it usually is pretty accurate. Navigation seems hard as it’s in German, yet never fear.

Star Wars: The High Republic Release Schedule

Calendar is Kalendar in German and it’s one of the first options on the drop-down menu. Anyway, I looked ahead to October 2021 and it seems like there is an Untitled Star Wars Middle-Grade novel scheduled and written by author Mark Oshiro. His name sounds very unfamiliar yet by clicking the book; you can see he wrote a short story in the recent From a Certain Point of View: Empire Strikes Back collection. The reason why this caught my eye is that it is not advertised as a High Republic media entry. The High Republic is the latest initiative in Star Wars storytelling and takes place two centuries before The Phantom Menace.

Star Wars: The High Republic Release Schedule

So, is Star Wars also branching back out into other periods, OR is the book a part of The High Republic and just hasn’t been updated to say that yet. Only time will tell.

Source: Jedibibliothek


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