September 22, 2023
First Look | MAFEX IG-11 (The Mandalorian)

Medicom Toys has shared our first look at their upcoming IG-11 action figure from The Mandalorian – including Baby Grogu!

The MAFEX IG-11 is coming to claim the bounty on your collection!

We have some welcome news from Medicom. After the success of their impressive Din Djarin action figure from The Mandalorian; the toy giant is back with their take on IG-11. The lovable assassin droid voiced by Taika Waititi. What’s more, they are including an adorable nursing pack complete with Baby Grogu!



The figure stands at an impressive 7″ tall and comes with some cool accessories including two blaster pistols, a serving tray with drinks. A removable satchel with Grogu and an interchangeable chest piece with a self-destruct mechanism. Some of the joints will be made from die-cast material to ensure sturdiness. And like most MAFEX figures, IG-11 will include an articulated stand.


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IG-11 is due for release early in 2021, and pre-order links are already open from various outlets. Moreover, the figure will cost you 10,780 Yen in Japan (about $99 USD/£65 in the UK), which is pretty reasonable for a figure as impressive as this.


Will you be adding IG-11 to your MAFEC collection? Drop us a line and share your thoughts.

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