December 11, 2023
Hot Toys Review | Star-Lord (Avengers Infinity War)

Does the Hot Toys Star-Lord from Avengers: Infinity War replicate the swagger of Chris Pratt?


Star-Lord is the last figure from Avengers Infinity War to be released. It was a late addition to the line but a welcome one!

Despite being the last release, this one still has the same box design as the other figures from this movie. It features a promotional art of the character (with his helmet), the Avengers logo, and at the bottom the title card of the movie.

Hot Toys Avengers Infinity War - Star Lord


I have a lot to say about the accessories so first let me tell you what you get with this figure. 7 interchangeable hands, a helmeted Star-Lord headsculpt, 2 batteries, a helmet, 2 blasters, a bubbling effect, a gravity bomb. A lightning effect for the bomb, a bomb, 2 mandalas effects, and a portal effect, and the basic Avengers: Infinity War stand.

The helmet can be attached to the Star-Lord headsculpt. However, it’s tricky and I’m afraid to damage the hair sculpt by doing it. So I don’t recommend using this feature unless you plan on displaying the figure that way for a long time.

Hot Toys Avengers Infinity War - Star Lord

The bubbling effect is such a fun accessory. And if you’re into toy photography, you can recreate that scene with Gamora and Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War. It’s easily attached to the blaster. It’s the same for the gravity bomb. You just have to fold it before attaching it. The lightning effect that comes with the bomb is great to recreate another scene from the movie if you have Iron Man. Though, you can also use the effect on any other figure.


The Mandalas effects are the same that came with Doctor Strange but they adapted them for the feet. They’re also easy to use, you just have to slide the feet into them.

Hot Toys Avengers Infinity War - Star Lord

There is one accessory I do not like – the portal. It’s been printed on a piece of plastic but the image isn’t high quality and it feels really cheap. I didn’t buy the figure for this one accessory so that’s fine. But they could have easily done a good portal instead of this thing. If the image had been printed in better quality, it would have already been a big step up!


Yulli has made another wonderful headsculpt! It’s spot on Chris Pratt, quite an uncanny likeness. She’s become one of my favorite sculptors. I also have to applaud JC Hong for his great job on the head paint, it’s also part of what makes it so life-like. The helmeted headsculpt is pretty great too! The paint gives it a metallic feel like it’s die-cast! And the LED light-up feature is always good to have!

Hot Toys Avengers Infinity War - Star Lord


It’s a simple costume but a really cool one. As usual, a leather jacket makes all the difference! It’s not real, but faux leather. Even with simple outfits like this one, you can see all the detail that has been put into the making of this figure! Like on the boots, they sculpted the feet reactors or the straps on the jacket. It’s all about the details with Hot Toys!

This figure has over 30 points of articulation so you can pose him in some great action poses! Since it’s faux leather, be careful not to damage it so don’t let the figure in the same pose for too long.


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It’s an amazing figure! If you want a Star-Lord figure, pick this one, the headsculpt is spot on!

Star-Lord is produced by Hot Toys and is available to buy NOW!

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