December 5, 2022
Hot Toys Review | Captain America (Avengers Infinity War)

Thomas takes a detour to Wakanda for a rendezvous with the Hot Toys Captain America from Avengers: Infinity War

This review is a little throwback as this figure was released almost three years ago. It feels like the perfect time to do it, just after my Captain America review from Avengers Endgame!


The box has the usual design for the Avengers: Infinity War figures. Promotional art of the character with the Avengers logo and the title card of the movie at the bottom. It’s a simple and nice design.

I’m reviewing the “Movie Promo Edition.” It comes with three additional accessories. Corvus Glaive’s spear, a dead Outrider bust (to use as a display with the stand), and an alternative rock environment for the stand. Other accessories include 8 interchangeable hands, 2 Wakandan shields, Proxima Midnight’s spear, and an Avenger:  Infinity War stand.

Hot Toys Captain America (Avengers Infinity War)


For a stand accessory, I think that the Outrider is beautifully made. There is a lot of detail put into it! I kind of wish they had released that Outrider figure presented at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, it looked so good! I know the characters they belong to are giants but the two spears are a lot taller than I expected them to be! They’re good accessories, especially Corvus’s spear which has more details on it. With these two, you can recreate the iconic Captain America entrance with Proxima’s spear. But also scenes from the end of the movie with Corvus’s spear.

As for the shields, they have a nice paint app with some marks of battle damage on them. You can display it in two different positions – fully deployed or closed.

Hot Toys Captain America (Avengers Infinity War)


This one has been quite divisive, though not as much as the latest Iron Man figure. This headsculpt has been made by Yulli and painted by J.C. Hong. For me, it’s an amazing headsculpt and Hot Toys is the only brand that has been able to give us a proper bearded Chris Evans sculpt! When I look at it, I can recognize the actor there. I have to say Yulli has made some of my favorite head sculpts and is ranking among my favorite Hot Toys sculptors.

Captain America Hot Toys (Avengers Infinity War)


It’s made of the same fabric as Captain America from Avengers Endgame. And they share a lot of similarities. Though, you can still very easily differentiate them. The star has been removed along with the most of the armor parts, the straps are different, they have a metallic wire. The belt is different too. And the colors are darker. I love the fugitive look this design has with the outfit and the beard.

It has over 30 points of articulation so you can easily display him with some great action poses are recreate your favorite scenes from the movie.


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It’s an awesome figure, the Movie Promo Edition is the one to get as you have more accessories to recreate your favorite scenes from the movie!

Captain America (Steve Rogers) is produced by Hot Toys and is available to buy NOW!


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