February 2, 2023
The Disney Cruella Collection By MAC

MAC cosmetics has launched an all-new make-up line dedicated to Emma Stone’s Cruella!

Disney’s new live-action adaptation: Cruella is only a few weeks away from release. This means brand collaborations are beginning to release. Cruella is set to be a high fashion movie, full of amazing costumes, makeup, hair, and styling. So it’s only right that the popular makeup brand MAC is leading the way with its Cruella-inspired makeup collection. The collection is made up of eight themed pieces, all of which are based on Cruella’s signature black and white hair, black eyeshadow, and red lips.

Makeup your own rules with a covetable collection of punk-rock reds and haute metallic hues inspired by the most iconic looks of Disney’s Cruella.’


The collection features a creamy matte finish lipstick in three shades: De Vil in the Details, a vivid red. Sweet-N-Vicious a light nude and Camden Caper a deep burgundy shade. The lipstick is in MAC’s signature shape, with a black and white lid that exudes styles. The completely matte finish liquid lipstick also comes in three shades: Glamarchy a blood-red, Mayhemmed, a bright red, and Queen of Mean, a brownie pinkie natural. This lipstick also features a black and white lid. If you are looking for a movie-accurate look I would go for the shades De Vil in the Details or Mayhemmed.

The Disney Cruella Collection By MAC


There is a dual-ended eyeliner that you guessed it, is white and black. This eyeliner is long-wearing and water-resistant making it perfect for all-day looks. The eyeshadow palette is really special. The “Cruella to be Kind” palette features a brand new magnetic design, meaning you can pull apart the palette and rearrange it. This is great for doing your makeup on the go.  Either to create a look or to replenish it as day turns to night.

The palette features eight shades in matte, frost, and satin finishes. With shades including, gold, black, pink, and vivid blues. The palette itself has a manic look to it which makes it the perfect representation of Cruella.

The Disney Cruella Collection By MAC


The collection also features a set of full volume, wispy lashes. An oval shape blending brush suited for powders and creams, as well as a large powder brush. These brushes are divine! I love the split black and white shade of the brush combined with a red and black handle. Cruella would love them.  The final item is a powder blush duo, that features bright and neutral shades.


Overall this collection is the embodiment of Cruella. With the design inspired by her signature hair, shades perfectly curated to match Emma Stone’s movie makeup and brand new magnetic technology. A fantastic collection that has me even more excited for the film. Prices range from £12.50 to £34.00. And if you spend £35.00 or more on the MAC website, you will receive a free sample. And if you spend £50 you receive two.

Explore the full “Cruella” MAC range here.


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