December 6, 2023
Review | Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 3 Replacements

The Bad Batch Episode 3 was decent and is setting the stage for the future. But I want to see Clone Force 99 do something substantial.

After a generally lukewarm Episode 2, The Bad Batch rescinds its mistake by delivering a slightly more exciting third episode. Like many 30 minute shows, it has an A Story and a B story. Clone Force 99 is pulled out of hyperspace due to a damaged capacitor and crash-lands on a moon revolving around a gas giant. The graphic art for this planet is quite beautiful, I might add.


This story can be seen as slightly boring as it just is a tale of finding the part after a mysterious creature steals it. Yet it shows many interesting dimensions to the Clone Force. Hunter continues his role as an ersatz father figure to the juvenile clone Omega. And the others also display patterns in what is being established as their personalities. Wrecker is simple, but has a heart of gold, almost like a child, and forms a bond with Omega on almost that of a playmate.


Tech is cold, calculating, AND fiercely intelligent. and because of this intelligence, he is somewhat hard to work with as he is very absorbed in his activities. He reminds me of someone with autism. Echo is the only clone, who acts, well like a clone, and Omega is jovial, innocent, and sweet. But is also formidable when put to the test. They also all miss Crosshair, even though that is hard to admit.

Story B is in my opinion, much more interesting as we see the gears of the New Empire turn. Tarkin is still on Kamino and the Kaminoans are very worried that their services may no longer be required. There is a young Admiral who is in Tarkin’s pocket named Rampart and he champions the notion of replacing the clones with highly skilled recruits from across the galaxy. He feels that this is a better option than clones, as he wants enthusiastic citizens, loyal to the Empire, to fight for them.

The Bad Batch Episode 3


The most vocal male soldier has an interesting perspective on the Republic and Empire. He is a perfect example of how the system of the Republic failed and says how the Empire gives him food and a roof over his head. Many beings were fed up with the Galactic Republic and innocently see the Empire as a chance for change. Crosshair (who left Clone Force 99) is temporarily put in charge of the new squad and tensions arise between him and that outspoken male recruit. He doesn’t care for clones and we saw some of this Anti-Clone sentiment in The Clone Wars series. No matter what galaxy you live in, there will always be prejudice.

The Bad Batch Episode 3

Tarkin orders a test for the new squad and sends them to wipe out Saw Gerrera’s camp on Onderon. This may seem like a silly move to mobilize troops to deal with such an insignificant threat. But it is likely a test to see if the new team is capable and loyal. The firefight on Onderon may be seen by some as the first battle of what would decades later be called the Galactic Civil War, and I said before; Saw was truly the first Rebel.

The Bad Batch Episode 3


Crosshair displays signs of cold sociopathy in this mission. And I am kind of glad he is no longer with The Bad Batch. All the other clones have hearts, and Crosshair is an exception to that. Plot B was my preference, but I also really liked the scene where The Bad Batch wore oxygen masks while venturing outside the ship to observe the damage. It is a nice callback to Empire when Han and the others examine the stomach of a space slug that the Millennium Falcon had inadvertently hidden in.

I also like how one of the Kaminoan scientists reiterates that Jango Fett’s DNA is degrading. This will probably explain why there aren’t any more clone troops from that template. It seems money is not the only issue with continuing the program. When the DNA is gone; so will the clone troops cease to be able to be grown.


As a side note, the camera focused on the Prime Minister of Kamino, Lama Su for longer than necessary. And I can’t help but have a Force sense that he is plotting something that could very well end his life. We will see what happens. Anyway, this was a decent episode and is setting the stage for the future. Yet, next episode; I really want to see the Clone Force 99 do something substantial.

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