Star Trek Shipyards | 'The Borg And The Delta Quadrant' (Preview)

Hero Collector is back with a new addition to the Star Trek Shipyards book collection. It’s time for a rendezvous with The Borg And The Delta Quadrant

The Borg and the Delta Quadrant Vol. 1 (Akritirian to Krenim) is the 5th book in the popular Star Trek Shipyards book series. The series is renowned for taking fans beyond the final frontier and exploring the starships and space stations of the Star Trek universe.  The books are incredibly detailed, beautifully illustrated, and produced by a team with a true passion for Trek lore.

Captain Janeway

So when the team announced that the next book in the series is dedicated to The Borg. And the various alien species seen in Star Trek Voyager’s seven-season run, we take notice.  ‘The Borg and The Delta Quadrant: Akritirian to Krenim’ is the first of two books dedicated to the subject matter. These volumes will explore the Federation’s most lethal enemy in intricate detail.

From Jean Luc Picard’s first encounter with them in The Next Generation to Kathryn Janeway’s last gasp defeat of the Queen in Voyager; The Borg has been the greatest threat to the Federation since its inception.Star Trek Shipyards - The Borg


This volume – written by veteran STAR TREKTM authors Marcus Riley, Ian Chaddock, and Mark Wright – opens with the fearsome ships operated by STAR TREK‘s greatest villains: the Borg, including the Borg Cube and Sphere, the Borg Queen’s Ship, the Renegade Borg Vessel and the Borg Tactical Cube. Beyond the Borg vessels, fans can take a deep dive into 35-plus ships operated by the various species Captain Janeway and the U.S.S. Voyager crew encountered during their adventures in the Delta Quadrant, spanning from A (the Akritirian patrol ship) to K (the Krenim warship).

Star Trek Shipyards - The Borg


The ships are illustrated using the original CG models created for the show, which have been retrieved from the archives, uncovering some hidden gems that will delight fans who thought they knew everything. Riley, Chaddock, and Wright complement the illustrations with detailed technical overviews and operational histories. THE BORG AND THE DELTA QUADRANT: Akritirian to Krenim will be followed later this summer by THE DELTA QUADRANT: Ledosian to Zahl, which profiles more than 50 ships of the Delta Quadrant species, among them the Lokirrim Warship, the Species 8472 Bioship and the Vidiian Warships.

Star Trek Shipyards - The Borg

This spectacular volume will be followed by ‘The Delta Quadrant: Ledosian to Zahl’ which will release later in the year. Our review of book one will be emerging from warp speed VERY soon. So, maintain your orbit around Future of the Force and never miss a thing.

Star Trek Shipywards The Borg Cover


In the meantime,  Star Trek Shipyards ‘The Borg and The Delta Quadrant: Akritirian to Krenim’ is available to purchase now. From all good online retailers. Or, you can head over to the official Hero Collector website and trade your finest Gold Pressed Latinum.


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