December 9, 2022
Star Wars The Bad Batch Omega Character Poster Featured

Aside from being a clone of Jango Fett, could Omega be holding a greater secret inside her DNA?

The Bad Batch theory. Everybody has one. But is there evidence to support Omega being a hybrid clone with hidden Force abilities? Max explores the possibilities.

Recently I’ve been thinking about why this unknown being is hunting the genetically modified female clone, Omega. Aside from being female, we don’t know what is different about her from being a regular Jango Fett clone and it makes no sense that she would be valuable unless she was ultra special. Due to this and the fact that she was a natural with a blaster despite never using one before leads me to believe her genetic mutation is Force sensitivity.

The Bad Batch


In Legends, cloning Force-sensitives was a thing but Canon has implied that it is very tricky; if not downright impossible. Yet, the Force is mysterious and if it indeed has a will, perhaps Omega is a Force user. How will this play into the series if I am correct? Tune into The Bad Batch on Disney+ every Friday and we shall see rumor is more than that.

Star Wars The Bad Batch - Omega

Do you think Omega is Force-sensitive? Leave a comment in the section below. We love hearing your theories.

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1 thought on “The Bad Batch Theory | Omega Is Force Sensitive

  1. This actually makes sense, especially if it’s a hidden precursor to Palpatine learning how to make himself a fully functional Force-sensitive being like Snoke.

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