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How much trouble is the God of Mischief really in? Annlyel looks ahead to Marvel Studios’ new Loki series…

The era of Loki is almost here. The God of Mischief has wormed his way into our hearts since his debut in Thor where he kind of stole the show and delivered one of the greatest scenes in the entire MCU. You know the one. If you don’t, I’ll give you a hint. It features a very emotional conversation between him and Odin.


Since Thor, Loki has been a lovable menace. Going from maniacal villain in The Avengers to unexpected ally in Thor: Ragnarok to shockingly murdered fan favorite at the very beginning of Infinity War. And through it all, he’s ultimately been a sideshow to The Avengers or his brother Thor…but not anymore.

Five Returning Characters We Could Potentially See in the Loki Disney+ Series

Very soon he will get the floor and we will get a chance to see Loki in all of his magnificent glory and I am so thrilled at this notion. Not only am I excited to see Loki get a series focused on him. But I’m excited to see this time-travel world he has entered and what kind of surprises we may see. And that brings me to the point of this post. What will Loki have in store for us? Well, I’ve got a few ideas.

1. Loki Will Become an Unexpected Key Figure in the Multiverse

This show has already let us know that Loki has messed up the flow of time thanks to his escape in Endgame. And now he’s supposed to help fix things. Of course, Loki is only going to play along for a small amount of time before he starts to be the God of Mischief and when that happens all hell will break loose.

Loki Disney Plus

With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness coming out next year, I have a feeling Loki’s actions in this series will have a major role in bringing about the fractioning of the multiverse. And that is an exciting prospect.

2. We’ll See the Frost Giants Again

These MCU Disney+ series have been really personal to the title characters of these shows. Just look at WandaVision which gave us a good hard look at Wanda’s tragic story, allowing us to understand/sympathize with her way of coping with her past trauma by creating her own perfect-but-not-that-perfect reality. Even The Falcon and the Winter Soldier allowed us to see more of Sam’s personal life, revealing to us his sister and nephews back in Louisiana who are a major part of who he is as an Avenger.

With Marvel taking such a personal approach to these characters what isn’t more personal than Loki’s true lineage as a son of the ruler of the Frost Giants? It was a major key to his story in Thor but was ultimately left on the backburner for his future entries in the MCU. I have a feeling we will see the Frost Giant lineage storyline creep back into existence for this series. Or at least, I hope we do.

3. We Will Be Getting Multiple Loki’s

I’ve been saying this for a while now. I may have written about it in another Loki post. But I truly believe we will be getting multiple versions of Loki in this series because…duh. The timeline is splintered, the multiverse is becoming more and more of a thing, what else can we expect other than a bunch of Loki’s for this fascinating series?

Loki Disney Plus

I remember someone from Marvel Studios mentioning that the secret of the show was in the series’ title which is constantly changing into what seems like seven variations. Does that mean we’ll be getting seven different versions of Loki? I think so. In fact, I think we’ve seen four versions already.

One Loki Isn’t Enough

Our Regular Loki; the one who escaped with the Tesseract and who is now in trouble with the TVA. Lady Loki; the mysterious cloaked figure we keep seeing in the trailers and who many Marvel fans keep mistaking for Infinity War Black Widow due to her blond hair and black outfit. Politician Loki; we’ve only seen a brief glimpse at this version of Loki at the end of the first trailer for the series.

Loki Disney + | Disney Reveals Titles for its Marvel Studios Shows

Asgardian King Loki; we’ve also seen in the official trailer a glimpse at what appears to be Loki sitting on an Asgardian throne but everything seems to look a bit different. I feel that this is a version of Loki who, in his reality, has managed to assume the throne of Asgard by some sort of means and our Regular Loki will have to come face to face with him at some point.

Kid Loki

There have also been rumors of a Kid Loki being in this series so…there’s that. And then there’s Richard E. Grant whose role in the series has still been heavily under wraps but before you start thinking he’s Mephisto think again. Mephisto will NOT show up in a Disney+ series. The villain is too high-profile for a brief appearance in a series. So instead, I think Grant will be playing Old Loki.

It makes perfect sense. Old Loki would be the wisest, most cunning, and most dangerous version of Loki, hence being a worthy adversary for our Regular Loki down the stretch. Plus, Grant seems like the perfect person to play an older, more devious version of Loki.

Richard E. Grant to Join the Loki Disney Plus Series

So…who is the seventh Loki? A Frost Giant version of the character? A heroic Loki who never turned against his father and brother and is as worthy as any Avenger? Oh, it’s an exciting prospect and I can’t wait to see if I’m right.

All in all, I hope Loki lives up to the hype because it looks fantastic.

Loki launches on Disney Plus from Wednesday, June 9th with new episodes every Wednesday thereafter. 

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  1. well, I am really looking forward to the Loki series as in I am so much waiting for it I just can’t wait to see what mischief the god of mischief will be up to in this series that is coming, well thank God it’s just a few days away from getting released.

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