September 30, 2023
Star Wars The High Republic Starlight Hidden Danger Part 1

Max explores the latest Star Wars: The High Republic short story found within the pages of Star Wars Insider

Star Wars Insider 203 is officially out now (at least in some places) and it features another exclusive short fiction story from The High Republic. We are entering another 2 parter and it is penned by the marvelous Justina Ireland. Justina wrote the young reader Test of Courage for the first wave of High Republic stories.  And even though it was a middle-grade reader, I felt it was the strongest of the 3 books.

Star Wars The High Republic - A Test Of Courage


Justina is an excellent writer who knows how to convey emotion very well and this new story is no exception. Called Hidden Danger, it takes place on Starlight Beacon in preparation for the Galactic Agricultural Alliance’s regular yearly meeting. This meeting is usually held on Coruscant. But Starlight Beacon is getting the big honor in preparation for the Republic fair. We once again, see the station through the eyes of Velko Jahen, the administrator tasked with keeping everything operational on this new location.

I really like Velko as her sense of humor is a great foil to her humorless head of security Gral Tarpfen. Getting the station ready is really tedious and it seems like the Stations destiny is to have boring events that always erupt into crisis. Is the place cursed as well? We’ll ask Claudia Gray. Anyway, in the middle of the arrival of the scientists, Velko catches Avon Starros with a potted plant in the off-limits staircase of the station. Avon hasn’t changed a bit. She is still a rambunctious know it all. And Velko doesn’t really see a threat, yet the plant in the pot puts up a red flag as it reminds her of something. Something sinister…..

Starlight Beacon


Velko let’s her and her droid go on their way. And then has to deal with a brawl erupting between 2 scientists in one of the gardens. It’s quite a pairing. It’s one of those usual peaceful, Ithorians vrs an Anamani which I recall fondly from my Essential Guide to Alien Species as a child. The head of security Ghral decides not to waste time breaking up the fight and fires two stun bolts to subdue them. One of the scientists is quick to criticize the decision to fire a gun. And this makes me think of the current police brutality issues plaguing the United States today. Should guns be drawn? Is it justifiable to use force? I’ll let the readers decide.



I really like this story and we end with reports of another brawl/riot erupting elsewhere. And I wonder, what is making everyone so angry? These are scientists. Not angry people at the DMV! As a side note, I love how the station prepared the living and food arrangements for the carbon-based AND silicon-based life forms. My imagination is soaring as I only knew of Mynocks being silicon-based in the galaxy. What other forms of life may exist in Star Wars. I digress, I look forward to Justina’s conclusion.

For more awesome short stories from The High Republic, subscribe to Star Wars Insider, published by Titan Magazines and edited by the wonderful Chris Cooper.

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