The Disney nuiMOs June Collection Is Here!

The June Disney nuiMOs / Cruella collection has arrived at ShopDisney and Darcie is on hand with her top fashion tips!

The June Disney nuiMOs are here! The theme for this month’s collection was advertised as ‘The Great Outdoors’. So, I was expecting lots of camping, hiking, and adventure looks with some character costumes thrown in. Such as Indiana Jones or even Kida and Milo from Atlantis.  However, it seems this collection was not fully realized or was never intended to feature more than two outfits. That’s right there are only two new outfits in the great outdoors collection. June’s collection rather than being a themed collection like we have had up until this point is a mix of two ideas: the great outdoors and Cruella. There are four Cruella outfits in total making Junes release the smallest one yet with only six outfits and no new nuiMOs.
Disney nuiMOs Cruella
Of the two outdoor outfits, the first is a walking outfit. That features an orange T-Shirt, with a tree design, purple shorts, an orange hat, and orange, green, and purple sandals that tie the look together. It’s a very cute, well-designed outfit. The vibrant colors give a very summer vibe, and I imagine it will suit all characters. The second is a jacket set, that features a red windbreaker jacket, black shorts, and a backpack. It’s cute and certainly captures the outdoor vibe, but I feel like it needs a T-shirt or shoes to make it a standout look. It’s not clear if the backpack opens, but that would certainly be cool.
Disney Store nuiMOs Small Soft Toy Orange T-Shirt with Brimmer Hat and Sandals
Onto the Cruella looks. There are four looks in total and all manage to perfectly capture the styles and vibes of the movie. However, I do think this should have been its own collection with a separate release date. The first outfit is a fluffy coat, with a dogtooth dress and black shiny boots. The outfit is in Cruella’s signature colors – black and white. It’s a stylish look. Next is a replica outfit, the biker jacket and skirt set are similar to the one worn by Cruella in the film.
Disney Store nuiMOs Small Soft Toy Fluffy Coat with Dress and Black Boots
They have added an oversized black and white bow to complete the look, which is cute. But it does look like the jacket is slightly oversized, when ideally it should be more fitted. The plaid suit with a black hat has a real punk vibe to it, this outfit is full of detail, featuring contrasting trims and split prints. Finally, we have the boldest outfit of the Cruella collection, which features a zip-up biker jacket, a graphic tee, and blue and red split print trousers. The jacket features embroidered details and a working zip.
Disney Store nuiMOs Small Soft Toy Biker Jacket with Skirt and Bow
Overall, I love all of this month’s outfits. The Cruella outfits perfectly capture the style of the film, and the outdoors looks are fun and well designed. However, I can’t help but feel the nuiMO range has lost its way a little. Monthly collections with a cohesive theme are something that made this range so exciting. Two outfits do not equal a collection. Next month’s theme is university and summer Olympics – again this seems a little split rather than one definitive collection. It will release on the 5th of July, so let’s hope we get a great collection.

To add any of these wonderful new additions to your collection – visit ShopDisney and explore the Disney nuiMOs collection here.


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