September 30, 2023

Will the solo adventures of the God of Mischief bring about the debut of the X-Men in the MCU? Annlyel has a few ideas.

When Disney bought 20th Century Fox there was only one thing on Marvel fans’ minds; we’re getting the X-Men and the Fantastic Four in the MCU. Kevin Feige thus confirmed that the Fantastic Four and X-Men would be making their debut in the MCU sometime this decade and now it seems that we will be getting the Fantastic Four’s debut film in 2023. Sounds exciting right?

But what about the X-Men? They are another story entirely with their own varying levels of drama and save-the-world occasions. To incorporate these complex characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems like a feat too big for Marvel Studios but maybe, in one fell swoop, we could get the introduction to these characters in a way that is not only awesome but brilliant.

Spoilers for Loki Ahead!

At the end of Episode 2, “The Variant” we met Lady Loki or The Enchantress, whoever she is. She bombed the Sacred Timeline creating essentially a multiverse of madness. This could be it. This could be how Marvel Studios incorporates the X-Men.

Think about it. What if the X-Men in another reality are the ones saving the world and there are no Avengers? And it is through these multiverse shenanigans that they come into contact with the reality we know featuring Earth 616. So, in a matter of one movie, we already have established X-Men characters who don’t have to discover their power but are already as defined as The Avengers.

In fact, what if Marvel Studios found a way to bring back the actors for these characters from the rebooted version of X-Men considering that we already have an emotional attachment to these characters? That would be incredible! We already have been given a slight tease of that when Feige had Evan Peters play Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver in WandaVision so it is possible.

It would be a very smart way to introduce this other superhero family without it feeling like we have to watch an origin story for every single X-Men. And then, as time goes on, the relationship between The Avengers and the X-Men becomes more and more fraught until the Avengers/X-Men war from the comics eventually happens and that particular movie will go on to make $3 billion at the box office.

I really hope this is the path that Marvel Studios chooses to introduce the X-Men because it would be so cool!

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