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Disney Pixar’s LUCA is a fabulous story about friendship with endearing characters. This movie is Pixar meets Studio Ghibli. It’s a must-watch!

LUCA is Pixar’s latest movie. It was released exclusively on Disney + for no additional cost, just like Soul last December. But can it top Pixar’s latest blockbuster?

LUCA is a fabulous story about friendship with endearing characters. Luca is a shy kid who is afraid to explore the world. While Alberto is the confident one. Fun fact, Alberto was actually inspired by Enrico Casarosa’s (the director) best friend. This combination of opposite characters works. Indeed, Alberto helps Luca taking his first steps into a bigger world. But Luca also helps Alberto. They complete each other.

Disney Pixar's Luca


Because it’s Pixar, there’s something else to the story – Alberto and Luca are sea monsters. So they have to hide who they are to live in the human town of Portorosso. It adds another layer to the story. It’s a story about friendship but beyond that, it’s also about acceptance. Accepting people who are different. That’s what also makes it so meaningful. Giulia who’s actually human really represents that voice of acceptance.  Because before she even learns they are sea monsters, she just befriends them, two kids, who are strangers.

Disney Pixar's LUCA

Throughout the film, you can feel the director’s passion for Hayao Miyazaki’s movies. Indeed, it’s Pixar meets Studio Ghibli. You find the same magic that makes these Japanese movies so special. It’s how the characters are written and how the story is presented that makes all the difference.


This movie has an excellent voice cast. Jacob Tremblay is voicing Luca. He’s a talented actor. If you haven’t seen him in The Death and Life of John F Donovan and Good boys, I definitely recommend these movies. And now, he can add voice acting to his skills. He did a great job voicing Luca, bringing all the emotions needed. Then you have Jack Dylan Grazer voicing Alberto. He did a very good job too. There’s so much heart in both performances.

You also have Emma Berman voicing Giulia. She brings this chaotic energy to the character, it’s so good! Then, there’s Maya Rudolph voicing the over-protecting mother. She’s simply a class act! Her presence always makes everything better. Finally, I have to mention Sacha Baron Cohen. He has a small but memorable role. He voices Uncle Ugo. His line delivery is simply hilarious!


With Pixar and Disney, the animation is always up to par. There’s real attention to detail. Whether it’s a tree or a building or the food, everything is so well animated. Portorosso genuinely feels like a real Italian town. And that’s because the team at Pixar meticulously researches the project before creating these things. They try to keep their work anchored in realism. And another fun fact, the name Portorosso is a reference to Miyazaki’s movie Porco Rosso.


We have to talk about Dan Romer’s score. It conveys so many emotions. When Luca saves Alberto or when Luca takes the train, the score adds so much to the scene! It’s truly wonderful.

Disney Pixar's Luca Poster


LUCA is a fabulous story about friendship with endearing characters. They’re voiced by an excellent cast. This movie is basically Pixar meets Studio Ghibli. It’s a must-watch!

Disney Pixar’s LUCA is streaming exclusively on Disney Plus now.




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