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Annlyel looks ahead to Andy Muschietti’s The Flash movie and the debut of Sasha Calle as the first Latino Supergirl.

The Flash isn’t one of my favorite superheroes. But I have to admit, after seeing him in Zack Snyder’s Justice League and getting a chance to finally see what this guy can do I’m a bit of a fan. Unfortunately, I’m not fond of the actor portraying Barry Allen, Ezra Miller. And that was before the disturbing allegations of abuse against a fan but…oh well.

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When The Flash movie was announced I wasn’t interested. Then I learned Michael Keaton was returning as Batman. But I still wasn’t fully invested…mainly because I don’t know how large his role will be in the film. (For all we know, he could be no more than a glorified cameo.) And then I learned something extraordinary.

Supergirl is going to be in it. And not only is she going to be in it but Latina actress Sasha Calle is going to be playing her! Wow! It’s extraordinary!


The latest wave of superhero content is seeing so many characters portrayed by POC and now we’re getting a chance to see a Latina version of Supergirl. It’s so exciting and honestly, now I really want to see this movie.

Plus, the first look at her outfit is pretty off the chain. Maybe these new DC Comics movies actually will be good.

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