Dr Squatch Star Wars Soap

Dr. Squatch is releasing a series of Star Wars-inspired soaps to tantalize your bath time. But will you choose the Dark Side…or the Light?

Dr. Squatch is cleaning up the galaxy by releasing a series of soaps inspired by Star Wars. These fun-looking bathroom essentials take inspiration from both the Light and Dark Side of the Force. And they feature some of the greatest characters from the galaxy far, far away…

“Our brand aims to reinvent how guys approach the shower experience,” Josh Friedman, Dr. Squatch chief marketing officer tells StarWars.com “And Star Wars seemed like the perfect way to tap into something we could make really exciting, in a way that we haven’t done before as a company.”

Dr Squatch Star Wars Soap

The result is a limited-edition box set of four soaps, all based on classic characters — Wisdom Wash (Yoda), Only Hope Soap (Obi-Wan Kenobi), Dark Side Scrub (Darth Vader), and Ruthless Rinse (Darth Maul) — and available exclusively on DrSquatch.com starting July 11. Dr. Squatch approached the collaboration as an opportunity for storytelling with soap through the Star Wars lens.

Dr Squatch Star Wars Soap

Each soap is visually unique, with colors corresponding to its character inspiration. The Yoda bar is a beautiful emerald green. Obi-Wan a serene blue with brown swirls (clear references to his lightsaber color and robes). Darth Vader a deep red with black swirls; and Darth Maul a shade of crimson. But it’s in the scents and textures that the creativity really shines and themes come through. For example, the Obi-Wan soap is gentle, with a pleasant, calming fragrance. On the other hand, the Darth Vader bar has an aggressive scent with hints of amber and charcoal, and coarse exfoliating sand baked in.

Dr Squatch Star Wars Soap

Dr. Squatch Star Wars soap arrives July 11 on DrSquatch.com. Read the extended interview over at StarWars.com here.

Will you be looking to wash the galaxy clean with these new soaps? Leave a comment below. We love hearing from you. But please keep your comments clean. We’d hate to have to wash your mouth out with…well, you get the idea!


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