September 30, 2023
New Line Of Jaws Akedos Launched By Zavvi

You’re gonna need a bigger wardrobe because Zavvi has launched an exclusive new line of JAWS Deep Sea Doodle Akedos

Whether you’re off to a little sports finishing, or just out for a little shark spotting; you’re gonna need a bigger boat…because Zavvi just launched a new and exclusive set of Jaws Akedos. Steven Spielberg’s iconic shark fest has inspired many tie-ins over the years. But none have ever looked this comfortable!

New Line Of Jaws Akedos Launched By Zavvi

These super limited edition Akedos come in 3 colorways. Red, White & Black. And when we say they’re limited in number – we mean it! There are just two hundred pairs of the Red Akedos available and only four hundred pairs of the Black and White variants. So, sit back, cast your line and check out this sharp-toothed new line of footwear:

Akedo x Jaws Deep Sea Doodle White Adult Signature High Top

The colossal cult classic is back once more, keeping people out of the water again for fear of the terrifying man-eater!

Handmade and customized for each order. Made from quality materials, they feature classic lace-up fastening, a rubber toe cap, and a high-top silhouette.

Jaws Akedo x Deep Sea Doodle Black Adult Signature High Top

Jaws Black Akedos

Akedo x Jaws Deep Sea Doodle Red Adult Signature High Top



These incredible Jaws Deep Sea Doodle Akedos are all handmade and customized for each order giving fans the ultimate range of pop culture footwear. So whether you’re skimming across the waters of Cape Cod, skinny dipping in Margate, or even taking a cool dip at Martha’s Vineyard; make sure you have a pair of these on your feet. But fear not, you may need a bigger boat, but you won’t need a bigger bank balance. They only cost £49.99 per pair!

Jaws 009

Don’t wait for a bite. Head over to Zavvi and explore the range NOW!

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