The Bad Batch Renewed For Season 2

Lucasfilm has confirmed that Clone Force 99 will return for The Bad Batch Season 2 in 2022

Rejoice fans of The Bad Batch. Dave Filoni and Lucasfilm have confirmed that Clone Force 99 will return for a second season. Dave Filoni and his team have been rewarded for a stellar debut season just hours before the release of the two-part season finale which kicks of tomorrow on Disney Plus.

“The entire Lucasfilm Animation team and I would like to thank Disney+ and our fans for the opportunity to continue telling the story of the Bad Batch,” executive producer Dave Filoni said.


This is sensational news. The debut season of The Bad Batch explored a timeline never before seen in the galaxy far, far away. The animation has been breathtaking, and the story arcs have been engrossing. So, the idea of returning for a second season is a tantalizing prospect.

What will happen in season two hinges on the outcome of the two-part season finale that kicks off tomorrow on Disney Plus? Will Boba Fett learn he has a sister? Will Crosshair see the light and turn his back on the Empire and rejoin The Bad Batch? Only time will tell

The Bad Batch Crosshair

Lucasfilm is yet to confirm an official release date for season two they’ve only offered a vague 2022 date. So maintain your orbit around Future Of The Force. We’ll update you on the latest news as it emerges.

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