September 22, 2023
Marvel Studios' Hawkeye

Red alert! Red alert! Did Clint and Laura break up?! Marvel’s first teaser for Hawkeye teases heartbreak for the Avengers‘ expert marksman

The Hawkeye trailer is here and it is 100% awesome. Hawkeye was always one of my favorite Avengers and to see him finally get a chance to have a story centered around him is fantastic. But, not only does it feature Clint Barton, but it’s also Hailee Steinfeld’s debut as Kate Bishop and I’m so freaking excited. Here’s the trailer.

The trailer was fun, no doubt about that, but the beginning of the trailer kind of shocked me. We see Clint Barton enjoying Christmas time in New York City with his children. His wife, Laura, is nowhere to be seen and it seems like the children are being sent back to her at some point. Red alert! Red alert! Did Clint and Laura break up?!

(L-R): Hawkeye/Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) in Marvel Studios’ HAWKEYE, exclusively on Disney+. Photo by Mary Cybulski. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Considering that Clint Barton went full-assassin mode for five years after Endgame, maybe Laura didn’t like the person that he had become during that time and decided to end their marriage. If so, that is a heartbreaking development for Barton. To think that he lost his family thanks to Thanos and fought to bring them back only to lose them again because of the atrocities he committed after the Blip is just…

Is Hawkeye going to make me cry at some point? Hawkeye‘s going to make me cry, isn’t it? I’m interested to see if my theory is right because if so, that will instantly give this series more depth than it’s revealing most likely in the first episode.

Hawkeye will release on Disney Plus from November 24th. As always Future Of The Force will be covering the series and our reviews will publish weekly. You’ll never miss a thing!

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