October 1, 2023
The Corpse Bride X Revolution Collection Has Risen!

Darcie gets spooky with Revolution’s sensational new make-up line inspired by Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

Ready to get spooky? Yes? Well, Revolution Beauty have you covered with their brand new movie-themed collection! Corpse Bride is one of Tim Burtons most iconic movies and my all-time favorite Halloween movie! So I am so glad that Revolution has released a brand new makeup collection inspired by the film and its characters. The Collection features ten products which include eyeshadow palettes, brushes, Lipsticks, a mirror, and a cosmetics bag. Once again this is a very reasonably priced collection with prices ranging from £5.00 to £20.00. And it is certainly giving me all the spooky vibes!


The collection features lipstick in three shades, one for each of the main characters: Victor, Emily, and Victoria.  The packaging is simple yet effective, with a black casing with the character name in blue. The blue color also features on the interior casing and the lipstick itself features a little embossed skull. The shades are Victor – a nude matte, Emily – matte pink, and Victoria – a matte red. The red shade is dark which is great and looks like it has nude undertones rather than orange ones. The Victor nude is muted and subtle whereas the Emily pink is bold and bright just like the character’s personality.

Corpse Bride X Makeup Revolution Victor Lipstick


The collection features four eyeshadow palettes, which is super exciting. The largest is the upstairs-downstairs palette, the palette opens up and down, with an image of the living world on the top and the underworld with Emily and Paul the head waiter on the bottom. When you open these images to reveal the eyeshadows, there are the following quotes on the reverse side: ‘I spent so long in the darkness I’d almost forgotten how beautiful the moonlight is’ and ‘Why would you want to go you there, when people are dying to get down here?’

I love this palette so much and we haven’t even got to the shades yet! The palette features cool blues right through to warm pinks and reds, in a combination of simmer and Matte. Perfect for creating that Halloween look.

Next, we have the Butterfly palette, which is you guessed it shaped like a butterfly, with a blue butterfly on the front. The palette features 16 shades, mainly pinks, and purples, however, this is a stunning gold called ‘The Darkness’ that would take all makeup looks to the next level.  Next, we have two smaller palettes. The first: Grave Misunderstanding – which features the wonderful dancing skeletons on the tin casing. There are 9 nude shades in this palette, which have been embossed with a bone.  The second: The Newly Weds features an image of Victor and Emily at the piano shortly before their duet.  There are 9 shades featuring blues, black and purple, perfect for creating some Emily makeup.

Corpse Bride X Makeup Revolution Butterfly Eyeshadow Palette


The brush set features 4 brushes and a pouch to store them in. The brushes themselves feature images of the characters as well as features from the movie, in black and white. The bristles are black with blue tips, which is super fun. The brushes will work for everything from foundation to highlighter to eyeshadow.

Next, we have the mirror which features a black and white image of Victor and Emily in the woods on the back, sounded by vines. The mirror is handheld and looks super classy. Finally, we have the makeup bag, which will be perfect for keeping this collection in! The see-through design features images of Victor’s beloved dog Scraps which is super cute and also a little spooky. The zip features a bone which is a nice detail.

Corpse Bride X Makeup Revolution Scraps Cosmetic Bag


Overall, another fantastic movie-inspired makeup collection by Revolution Beauty. No other brands are creating such clever and well-designed collections. I think this has to be my favorite collection to date, the looks of each piece, the shades, the whole collection capture the vibe and characters of the movie. I cannot wait to see what they do next! Explore the Revolution Corpse Bride collection here.

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