What If Episode 9 Review

The Watcher (voiced by Jeffrey Wright) in Marvel Studios' WHAT IF…? exclusively on Disney+. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

What If…? ends the season with an epic MCU-style finale gathering an awesome new team of heroes!”

We have reached the end of the journey for the first season of What If…?, it’s time for the season finale. So was it all worth it?


This episode concludes the story that started last week with Ultron. As promised, it all comes together with The Watcher creating the Guardians of the Multiverse. The team is composed of Captain Carter (from episode 1), T’Challa (from episode 2), Doctor Strange (from episode 4), Killmonger (from episode 6), Party Thor (from episode 7), Black Widow (from episode 8) and Gamorra. Captain Carter was the breakout character of this series so bringing her in this time makes sense. She also gets a costume update – Captain America The Winter Soldier style. It’s an unexpected team. But it works. They have great chemistry except with Killmonger who’s always reserved.

However, I think it would have worked even better if we had been introduced to this new Gamorra in a previous episode. I do hope we’ll see her story in season 2 because the little we saw of her has me intrigued! She’s so badass! Plus, her universe features a Tony Stark who survives! Tony Stark has suffered way too much this season, dying in several episodes.


What If Episode 9 Review

The finale is what you can expect from the MCU – an epic final act with a lot of action. The episode has a fast pace. It introduces us to the team and then it’s all about the fight against Ultron. The fight is intense. It’s more difficult than fighting Thanos, a lot more!

There is one plot twist that comes near the end that I saw coming but still very much enjoyed it! The finale offers a conclusion to the season while also opening doors for what comes next with season 2. It’s clear that some of the stories that started aren’t over yet.


What If Episode 9 Review

The fights from the last three episodes have been each time better than the last. Though, the animation team has outdone themselves for the finale. The fight is impressive. Seeing Doctor Strange unleashing dragons spitting fire has to be one of the best fight sequences of the MCU! Marvel surely knows how to create visual spectacles.


What If ends the season with an epic MCU-style finale gathering an awesome new team of heroes!

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