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Will a cosmic clash in Eternals lead to the creation of the mutants? And will the X-Men be born as a result? Annlylel speculates.

Something is coming on the heels of Eternals. A film that will usher in a new era of the MCU and will change the fabric of this fictional universe as we know it. Suffice it to say, the conclusion of Eternals is going to have a massive impact on the story and everything’s pointing to this film’s eventual creation of the Mutants.



Think about characters like Ms. Marvel, a simple teenager whose latent abilities were activated thanks to something called the Terrigen Bomb, a device created to bring about the age of Inhumans through something called the Terrigen Mist.

Marvel: We Are Superheroes - Ms Marvel


The MCU likes to shake things up. Like the Skrulls being good guys instead of the despicable antagonists we know they can be from the comics. So, what if during the showdown between the Eternals and the Deviants an incredible force happens. One that unleashes a new sort of mist across the globe, hence the creation of Mutants.

And just like that, the X-Men can debut into the MCU in the mere span of a movie. And in such a fantastic way. I honestly believe that could happen and I am excited.

Will the X-Men arrive in Eternals? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.



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