Star Wars: Galaxy Of Creatures - Bantha

In this episode of Star Wars: Galaxy Of Creatures, Aree joins a Tusken Raider in this hilarious bath tutorial for a dusty Bantha.

Star Wars: Galaxy Of Creatures is here to add some fun to our creature features.

The great team over at Star Wars Kids has kicked off a fun new series exploring the creatures of the galaxy far, far away. From the humble Blurrg to the fearsome Wampa, every creature is being explored in a fun new way.  And to kick things off in style; Aree joins a Tusken Raider in this hilarious bath tutorial for a dusty Bantha. Turns out droids and water don’t mix well! Check it out below:


We love a Bantha. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a large fluffy plush! And speaking of plush, this fun new series is accompanied by a brand new toy line featuring more creatures than you can bullseye in a T-16!

Star Wars: Galaxy Of Creatures Stichlings


With artistically designed details, a mixture of soft materials, and sounds when squeezed, the Stitchlings plush toys are an adorable addition to any Star Wars plush collection. This assortment is currently available for pre-order only at Target.

Star Wars: Galaxy Of Creatures


Galaxy of Creatures will have a 12-episode run, with two new episodes released every Thursday. Check back here regularly for the latest episodes as they release. You’ll never miss a thing with Future Of The Force. But if you’re still craving a creature fix, feel free to explore our Creature Deathmatch. Plus, learn more about the desert planet Tatooine, where Banthas are most commonly found, at

Source: Star Wars Kids


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