Star Wars: Galaxy Of Creatures

A new series focussing on the Galaxy Of Creatures has just launched on Star Wars Kids

Star Wars: Galaxy Of Creatures is here to add some fun to our creature features.

The great team over at Star Wars Kids has kicked off a fun new segment exploring the creatures of the galaxy far, far away. From the humble Blurrg to the ferocious Wampa, every creature is being explored in a fun new way. And what’s more, the series is accompanied by a brand new toy line featuring more creatures than you can bullseye in a T-16!

Star Wars: Galaxy Of Creatures


Join adventurous droid SF-R3 (“Aree”), a member of the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts, as he journeys across the galaxy to learn everything there is to know about wildlife. Check out the trailer below:


“The Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts was founded during the exploration age of the High Republic by scientists and adventurers interested in researching the myriad of new species found on the frontier worlds of the Republic,” said Matt Martin, sr. creative executive on the Lucasfilm Story Group. “In Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures, we have the opportunity to show how the Society cataloged the galaxy’s wildlife. I hope fans of all ages will enjoy following Aree’s adventures.”

From teaching porgs new tricks to brushing a rancor’s teeth, Aree will get the answers to the biggest — and silliest — creature questions. In the series, Aree will study creatures big and small: banthas; blurggs; charhounds, Kowakian monkey-lizards, and mynocks. Nexu; porgs; rancors, tauntauns, tooka cats, voorpaks, and wampas.


Mattel Plush is bringing the wildlife of Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures to fans with a new line of Stitchlings™ plush by Mattel. With artistically designed details, a mixture of soft materials, and sounds when squeezed, the Stitchlings plush toys are an adorable addition to any Star Wars plush collection. This assortment is currently available for pre-order only at Target.


Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures will have a 12-episode run, with two new episodes released every Thursday. Check back here regularly for the latest episodes as they release. You’ll never miss a thing with Future Of The Force. But if you’re still craving a creature fix, feel free to explore our Creature Deathmatch.

Are you excited about this fun new series? Will you be grabbing a few of the new plush creatures for your Younglings? Leave a comment below.

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