September 27, 2023
Marvel Studios' Eternals

Annlyel unpacks the shocking post-credits scenes from Eternals and considers their impact on the future of the MCU in this spoiler-filled report!

Eternals was a powerful new entry in the MCU thanks to Chloé Zhao’s unique style and vision for this movie. And while the millennia-spanning story wasn’t perfect; it was the type of movie that you want this franchise to start making more and more often. This movie also had two of the most surprising and exciting post-credit scenes, one of which was unfortunately spoiled for me, but they were both intriguing nonetheless.

So let’s talk about them.

(L-R): Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) and Druig (Barry Keoghan) in Marvel Studios’ ETERNALS. Photo by Sophie Mutevelia. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.
Post-Credit Scene 1

At the end of the movie, we see Sersi going back to living a somewhat normal life with her human boyfriend, Dane Whitman. He’s just about to tell her a secret when out of nowhere the Celestial Arishem takes Sersi. The Celestial also nabs Kingo, Phastos, and Sprite before revealing that he will return to Earth for judgment.

In the first post-credit scene we learn that Thena, Makkari, and Druig have taken the Eternals’ ship. The Domo, and are looking for more of their kind in the universe when suddenly they realize that they can’t contact their fellow Eternals on Earth. This prompts them to return to the planet. And then, suddenly, out of a magical portal pops a badly CGI-ed character called Pip the Troll. A character that announces the arrival of a new Eternal. Brother of Thanos a.k.a Eros a.k.a Starfox a.k.a HARRY FREAKING STYLES.

Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani) in Marvel Studios’ ETERNALS. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. © 2021 Marvel Studios. All Rights Reserved.
Shock Value

This was the casting surprise that was unfortunately spoiled for me thanks to an annoying critic who completely ruined the surprise. However, seeing him in the MCU is just so surprising. And yet, they’ve found the perfect character for him to play. I’m excited to see more from him in the future and I hope they explore his past a bit. And his relationship with Thanos since the average person may have no idea who he is and why he’s not huge and purple.

The Best Moment Series Hits the Pause Button

Post-Credit Scene 2

The next post-credit scene is my favorite of the two. We see Dane Whitman confronting his secret past which is connected to a creepy-looking sword that Marvel enthusiasts will know is the Ebony Blade. This is the hint that yes, his story will continue and he will eventually become the Black Knight. But just before he touches the cursed sword a mysterious voice speaks to him. In theaters, I thought it was Doctor Strange but it’s not. It’s the first time this character has been used in the MCU and it’s next-level exciting. The character that speaks to Dane is in fact Blade which has been confirmed by Chloé Zhao. When I tell you I screamed!


I’ve been waiting for Blade to make his MCU debut and it’s happening. Oh yeah, it’s all coming together. So yeah, this movie had some of the best post-credit scenes we’ve seen in a while. I’m very excited about the future of the MCU.

Marvel Studios‘ Eternals is playing in theatres now!

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