October 1, 2023
Hasbro Star Wars HasLab Rancor Fully Painted

The Hasbro team offers an update on the Star Wars: Black Series HasLab Rancor crowdfunding campaign with new unlocks!

Hasbro has finally offered our first look at the fully painted version of the Star Wars: The Black Series HasLab Rancor. As well as an update on the overall project. Although the crowdfunding project was announced during Hasbro Pulse Con a few weeks back; the next stage of unlockables that will come with the beast has remained a mystery.  But thanks to today’s Fan First Friday event; we now know that the previously announced Gamorrean Guard will be joined by some old friends.

Star Wars: Black Series HasLab Rancor


Alongside some cool skull deco pieces, the second tier of unlockables will feature a Rancor pit diorama background. If the campaign gains the 16,000 backers needed tier three will be unlocked. The third tier boasts a Salacious B. Crumb action figure on a vintage card back. And then, if the campaign can attract the 19,000 backers needed, tier four will unlock an all-new Luke Skywalker (Return Of The Jedi) figure. Luke will come with a new retro-style card back. Check out the images below:

Hasbro HasLab Black Series Rancor


With this unlock, you will expand the galaxy of scene recreation possibilities. Build your very own movie-inspired display with a variety of highly detailed bone accessory pieces inspired by the Rancor’s prey in Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi. This includes the exact type of bones Luke Skywalker used to bring the Rancor to its knees in defeat – a human skull and femur bone. We’ve also included a variety of skulls from different species – a Tauntaun™ skull, a Gamorrean Guard skull, a human skull, a male Twi’lek skull, and a female Twi’lek skull – as well as several ribcages.

When you’re not using these for maximum scene recreation, they can be displayed in a base that resembles the desert soil of Tatooine. You will also receive a Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Rancor dungeon scene-inspired cardboard background that has all your favorite details from that iconic scene, like the Rancor pit door, the trap door, the grating in the ceiling, and even the door Luke attempts to escape through.


This Kowakian™ monkey-lizard may be small in stature, but its presence is certainly large. In this unlock, The Black Series 6-inch-scale Salacious B. Crumb does not go unnoticed, even on its mini Kenner-inspired card back. The team drew inspiration for this one from The Vintage Collection’s 2011 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Salacious B. Crumb figure. Now we’re bringing it to an even more special level by putting it on a card back celebrating the spirit of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. You can’t find Salacious B. Crumb on a mini card back anywhere else in the galaxy except here at HasLab.


Everyone’s favorite Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker, gets a fresh look in this unlock. For the first time in 8 years, this specific Luke Skywalker figure will have a newly sculpted photoreal design. A truly epic addition to any display or collection, and iconic addition to your Rancor display. Without Luke Skywalker’s death-defying encounter, how would we know the ferocity of the Rancor??? Hopefully, we won’t have to find out. Luke comes with a removable soft-goods cloak, a blaster, and, of course, a lightsaber. To complete this galactic figure, we’ve put Luke on a classic Power of the Force card back with a Special Collectors Coin.

But if that isn’t enough to have you salivating like a Wookiee at a Porg roast; the team went one step further by giving our first look at the fully painted prototype of the beast. And believe me, it looks impressive. But don’t take my word for it. Sit back, press play, and prepare to be dragged down into the depths of Jabba’s Palace.


It’s here – what you have all been waiting for! That’s right, join Patrick, Jing, Chris, and Eric as they reveal the first painted model of the Star Wars The Black Series Rancor AND the final two stretch goals for this #HasLab project! Don’t miss out!


You can check out the Star Wars HasLab Rancor campaign and order your very own monster here: Haslab Star Wars™ The Black Series Rancor

Will you be backing the Rancor? Drop us a line and share your thoughts.

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