September 30, 2023
Hot Toys Shoretrooper The Mandalorian

The Hot Toys Shoretrooper from The Mandalorian is a great figure to add to your collection of Imperial troopers.

After the release of the Shoretrooper Squad Leader, Hot Toys has now recently released the Shoretrooper figure from Star Wars The Mandalorian! So is this one just as good as the Rogue One version?


Hot Toys Shoretrooper

The box is your usual Star Wars collectibles box – a black box with a picture of the figure and the Star Wars logo. You also have the colored stripe that comes with Hot Toys figures. For The Mandalorian, it’s an orange/brown stripe. It features an additional picture of the figure at the front and one of the side.

As for the accessories, I have the same complaint as the Squad Leader. You don’t get enough accessories. They could have easily included an E-11 blaster and a thermal detonator as well. What you get with this figure is an E-22 double-barrel blaster rifle, 6 different hands, and a display base.

Hot Toys Shoretrooper

For the display base, they went with the typical Star Wars base. This time they painted it in a light grey. With the Squad Leader, it was painted in a dark grey. Nevertheless, both figures will look great if you display them next to each other. The E-22 blaster is a repack from the Squad Leader and the first Shoretrooper that was released for Rogue One. It’s a nicely detailed weapon with some weathering on it.


Hot Toys Shoretrooper

Despite being labeled for The Mandalorian, this Shoretrooper also appeared in Rogue One. They dropped the kama for this trooper and instead went with an armor piece and a leather satchel. It’s the same design as the Shoretrooper Captain but with different markings. Since this one is a simple soldier, he doesn’t have any blue on his armor. He only has white and red marks.

The Shoretrooper is a fantastic trooper design and one of my favorite from the new movies. So obviously, I’m glad to get this figure. It’s a great one. I was worried the armor piece at the leg would be limiting the articulation range. I was wrong, the piece is made of soft plastic so it doesn’t limit the articulation at all!

Just like every Shoretrooper figure, Hot Toys has given it a beautiful weathering. And I appreciate the weathering isn’t at the same place as the other Shoretroopers. This means they have re-worked each piece of armor. As usual with Hot Toys, it’s all about the details.

In terms of articulation, you have a great articulation range. The undersuit is entirely made of fabric so you won’t have to worry about damaging your figure if you display it in an action pose. The armor parts can also move to give you a better articulation range.


A great figure to add to your collection of Imperial troopers.

The Hot Toys Shoretrooper from The Mandalorian is available to order now.

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