Hasbro Star Wars HasLab Rancor

Hasbro Star Wars HasLab Rancor

Sad news Black Series fans. Hasbro’s Star Wars HasLab Rancor has failed to find enough backers to enter production!

Sad news Black Series fans, Jabba’s pet Rancor won’t be heading to the HasLab production line. After a dismal reveal and an equally lethargic unlockables package, the fans have voted with their feet and failed to back the project. The campaign required 9,000 backers to enter production, but when it came to crunch time, only 8,388 stepped up to the plate.

Star Wars The Black Series HasLab Rancor


The writing was on the wall for this project a few weeks ago when the fully painted version was revealed. Although the Rancor itself looked impressive, the unlockable tiers were mired by repacked figures; cardboard scenery, and a selection of plastic bones. A package that fell far short of fan expectations. And even though the team offered to throw in a Malakili figure at the last minute, it wasn’t enough to get the fans back on side.

Moving forward, we can only hope that Hasbro learns from its mistakes. The fans have made themselves heard and voted against the constant flow of repacks that have become the norm in recent years. But only time will tell if the message has been received.


Looking forward, hopefully, the next project will offer fans something they truly want and have never seen. A Space Slug from The Empire Strikes Back, or the Sarlaac Pit from Return of the Jedi perhaps? Or even Director Krennic’s shuttle from Rogue One! But with The Book Of Boba Fett just around the corner, it’s a safe bet to assume that the next project will be Fett-related.

Did you back the HasLab Rancor? Are you disappointed with the results? Drop a comment below and join in the chat.

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