Marvel Legends Hawkeye Figures

Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line will welcome Clint Barton and Kate Bishop from the Hawkeye series

Hasbro has released our first look at two new figures from the Hawkeye Disney+ series. Clint Barton and Kate Bishop have become the ultimate dynamic duo in the series, and now, the pair will be heading to the Marvel Legends line. Kate Bishop will be sporting her customary purple archer outfit, while Barton is featured in an all-new suit. The suit has been teased in the past few weeks, but it has yet to be featured in the show. Check out the official pics below.


These new figures look fantastic, and although the images depict digital renders of the finished product they do give us a taste of what we can expect. Sadly, there is no official release date for these figures except for a loose release of sometime in 2022. But when figures look as good as these, they will be worth the wait.

Marvel Legends Hawkeye

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Source: Hasbro


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