Star Wars The High Republic Shadows Remain Part One

Max explores the latest Star Wars: The High Republic short story found within the pages of Star Wars Insider

Max checks out the latest Star Wars: The High Republic short story from the pages of Star Wars Insider.

Star Wars Insider 207 arrived on December 14, 2021, and delivered a brand-new short story by the incredibly talented Justina Ireland. Justina is my favorite of The High Republic authors. And everything she writes is quite fun to read. These short stories that Insider has been publishing are, in my opinion, the “Jahen files” as the stories detail the hectic life of Starlight Beacon’s administrator Velko Jahen.

Starlight Beacon


Jahen is a likable character and the foil between her and the Mon Cal head of security, Ghal Tarpfen is quite an interesting dynamic to read. Ghal is not overly fond of anyone and takes her job very seriously. She is prickly and to herself, and this story is the first to shift the focus from Velko and gives us a Ghal adventure. Ghal is plagued by horrible dreams that are the remnants of a painful memory that haunts her past. She doesn’t know why these nightmares keep occurring and assumes her subconscious is trying to tell her something.

Star Wars The High REpublic

Dreams play a big role in the story of Star Wars. And there is a lot of evidence to suggest they are the domain of the Force and provide warnings and messages to sentient beings. I won’t go into the details of the dream so readers can see it for themselves. But it is a tale as old as time and Velko’s recent dealings with her former lover, have irritated Ghal further. It appears the dreams are a warning, as she has been receiving creepy transmissions threatening to expose a big secret. And there is no doubt that the Nihil are behind it.

The Nihil Characters of Star Wars the High Republic


The Nihil are blackmailing Ghal to turn off security cameras in certain sections of Starlight. And Ghal doesn’t know what to do. Honestly, she really should have told Velko; despite not being overly close to her, and stubbornly takes matters into her own hands. Let’s, just say that there is a big revelation on the conspiracy behind this blackmail, and it will likely have major repercussions for The High Republic initiative going forward.

That’s one of the things I love about Justina Ireland. Nothing she writes is low-stakes writing. Everything connects to the bigger picture so it’s imperative not to miss any of her narratives. I loved how Justina managed to squeeze in so much Mon Cal culture into the story (brief as it was). From Ghal drinking kelp tea and submerging herself in water to sleep to being a child on Mon Cal; where the current would bring the remains of aquatic life from the richer parts of her underwater city. I love learning about fictional cultures, and Mon Calamari have always been very present in both Legends and Canon. Shadows Remain Part 2 will premiere in Star Wars Insider 208, scheduled for a January 2022 release date.

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