February 7, 2023
Spider-Man | Sony Publicly Addresses the Spider-Man MCU Controversy

Annlyel takes a retrospective look back at Spider-Man’s big MCU debut in Captain America Civil War

The legacy of Spider-Man explored!

I’m getting a bit wistful thinking of what’s about to happen on Friday; the imminent cheers that await, the laughs we’re bound to share, the impending tears that will be shed. I didn’t think we’d get another iconic superhero moment like this again so soon after Avengers: Endgame but here we are.

When it was rumored that Marvel Studios was going to find a way to reunite fans with their favorite Spidey villains (and maybe more) I thought there was no way it was going to happen. Leave it to the most successful franchise of all time to get it done. I haven’t seen the movie and when I do I’m sure there will be a lot to say so for this post I’m going to look back and reflect on the moment when everything changed between me and Spider-Man.

Spider-Man 2016

We all remember the official trailer for Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man’s jaw-dropping reveal. I remember being excited but as someone who had never been a fan of the character I was skeptical. Would Spider-Man fit in the MCU? Would he finally feel like a teenager? And who was playing him? When I watched Civil War for the first time all of my skepticism went flying out of the window as Peter Parker entered his apartment in Queens only to meet Tony Stark himself. It was an unforgettable moment.

Tom Holland looked every bit the part of Peter Parker! He even acted the way you would imagine Spider-Man to act. Holland had maybe ten minutes of screentime in that entire movie and yet he stole the show. He was funny, cute, and likable as heck. To think five years later I’m about to see Holland’s sixth MCU movie after plenty of iconic Spider-Man moments along the way is truly one of the most exciting times in my life.

I wasn’t a Spider-Man fan but Tom Holland turned me into a believer. And I think No Way Home is about to blow my mind.

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