February 2, 2023

Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake teams with Mark Wahlberg’s Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan on the gorgeous new poster for Sony’s Uncharted movie

A glorious new poster for Sony Pictures’ big-screen adaptation of Uncharted has arrived. The upcoming blockbuster starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg has amassed a wonderful cast. So it comes as no surprise that they are all featured on the glossy new one-sheet. The movie adaptation of the Playstation juggernaut has been stuck in developmental hell for years. But with the issues now resolved, the hotly anticipated adventure is speeding towards its release. And Sony is eager to showcase its efforts in all their glory.


Today, the official Uncharted Twitter account has released a new poster that brings the central cast together. Set against a tropical backdrop Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg’s Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan lead Antonio Banderas’ dastardly villain Moncada. Also featured is Sophia Ali as Chloe Frazer, Nathan Drake’s love interest from the second game. And rounding out the poster’s cast is Tati Gabrielle as the mysterious character known as Braddock. Check it out below:

Uncharted Poster


This new poster is excellent and effortlessly captures the adventure aesthetic of the games. Leaning further into those tropes, the faded map in the background taps into the travel and exploration staples of the franchise. Which is sure to delight the fans. But sadly, the poster still doesn’t hint at what awaits us when the movie hits our screens shortly. Which only helps to build the anticipation.


Whether or not Uncharted can duck the trend and become one of the better videogame adaptations remains to be seen. But with Tom Holland leading the charge, and Mark Wahlberg on hand to stick the landing surely it has a better chance than most. Ultimately, the box office will be the judge. But we’ll be lining up to enjoy the ride.

Sony Pictures’ Uncharted releases on February 11.

Source: Sony Pictures


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