Hot Toys Venom

“The Hot Toys Venom is a must-have for your collection, an imposing and wicked figure that comes with a lot of accessories!”

Last year was a Venom frenzy with Venom Let There Be Carnage and the release of its first Hot Toys figure based on the first movie. There are two different versions – the normal one and the Special Edition. The only difference between the two is the additional symbiote tentacle.


Venom’s box has a pretty cool design. It does feel like the first part of the box is the symbiote wrapped up around the box of the figure. The box of the figure features several pictures of Venom from the first movie. When you open it, it’s similar to Sideshow Collectibles boxes – on one side you have some accessories and on the other the figure with other accessories. It is the first time Hot Toys does it and I do understand why as some of the accessories are voluminous.


This figure comes with 6 hands, an additional headsculpt, three tongues, a symbiote sword, a symbiote arm sword, an extended symbiote arm, 2 pairs of symbiote tentacles, a smiling symbiote head tentacle, and exclusively with the Special Edition an open mouth with tongue symbiote head tentacle. That is a lot of accessories for this figure. This means you have plenty of possibilities for display!

Each tentacle has small holes which allow you to bend them. You don’t have to worry about damaging them, they are made to be bent! It’s a lot of fun to display. Plus, the small tentacle heads are quite nasty. Though, I would say to be careful when they’re on the figure. I am a bit worried that they may damage it over time.  So, don’t leave them for a long period of time on the figure.

As for the interchangeable arms, make sure that your figure is on its stand because these are heavy accessories. They look great! Venom with the big sword is so badass!


The figure is made of a rubbery material. This means the arms and the legs have seamless articulation. So, I wouldn’t recommend leaving the figure in the same action pose for a long period of time. I know this can be a problem for some. Though, I think seamless was the way to go for Venom. These are collectible figures so you expect the best from them. And apparent joints don’t look great. For figures like Venom, you have to make compromises. Plus the use of rubbery material gives the figure a better texture recreating the Symbiote aspect.

Despite seamless joints, this figure has a pretty good articulation range. And they even included extended leg articulation like on diecast figures! You can definitely get him in some awesome poses! Obviously, since it’s Venom it’s a massive figure. He is literally a beast. Hot Toys has done a great job bringing him in figure format.


There are two head sculpts – a smiling one and an open mouth with tongue. Both sculpts are amazing and the one with the tongue is even more wicked! The level of details, the paint application it’s all on point. Plus including three different tongues was such a brilliant idea! And the best part, both the tongues and heads work with magnets. So, it’s very easy to change them!


Venom is a must-have for your collection, an imposing and wicked figure that comes with a lot of accessories!

Although both versions are now sold out, you can still pre-order Venom from Venom Let There Be Carnage. This will be the exact same figure but with some different accessories.

The Hot Toys Venom Sixth Scale Collectible Figure is distributed by Sideshow Collecibles and is available to order now!


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