January 30, 2023
The Book Of Boba Fett Chapter 5 Review

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All in all, The Book Of Boba Fett: Chapter 5 “Return Of The Mandalorian” was such a fun episode, and just what the doctor ordered!

The Book Of Boba Fett: Chapter 5: Return of the Mandalorian reminds me just why I love Star Wars. There are so many amazing things in this episode, I barely know where to start. The last episode teased the return of Din Djarin, and Favreau did not disappoint. Mando is back to his bounty hunting and goes to bring in a Klatooinian who owes someone a lot of money. The Klatooinian runs what appears to be a butchery, as his office is in a meat locker and Mando delivers his trademark “I can bring you in warm or…..” You know the rest.



Seeing Mando use the Darksaber was just magic. And I had a huge grin plastered on my face when I saw where Mando was going to collect his pay. It seems the Death Star was just the first step in the galaxy’s level of Astro-engineering. To my complete astonishment, the Star Wars galaxy now contains the presence of a ringworld. Popularized by the sci-fi legend Larry Niven in the book of the eponymous name; a ringworld is an ENORMOUS ring structure encircling a star, that can provide living spaces equivalent to hundreds of planets. Building it is far beyond our capabilities, but now we know that Star Wars CAN create megastructures if need be. It makes you wonder how many ringworlds they have built and if they exist, do Dyson spheres and Matryoshka Brains exist as well? So many questions.


Mando meets up with the 2 surviving Mandalorians, the Armorer, and Pax Vizla. The big hulking dude who got in Mando’s face in the first season. The Armorer acts as a source of knowledge for the audience. And we finally learn the details of what happened to Mandalore at the hands of the Empire. The slight retcon of why Bo Katan Kryze was not fit to lead Mandalore as she acquired the blade, not through combat, and what Mando must do to remain a Mandalorian.


Undeterred by his dismissal for removing his helmet in the presence of others; Mando returns to Tatooine. To the eccentric and silly mechanic, played by the legendary Amy Sedaris, Peli Motto, and her crew of cute, adorable droids. She has a new ship for Mando, but it is not quite what he wanted. I love Peli’s quirkiness, and Mando’s disposition contrasted with hers is quite entertaining to watch. Mando likes her (as much as he possibly can) and respects her knowledge enough to trust her. He is still a pretty formidable warrior.  And yet he does manage to continue to show weak spots, reminding us that he is human and not infallible. He gets injured, he gets beat down, he suffers mutinous degradation, and feels a sense of loss. He’s a very relatable character, and I’m so glad we got to catch up on him.


This was The Mandalorian 2.5 because it mainly focuses on Din Djarin. I like the break from Boba but am looking forward to seeing how all the pieces Favreau has cast come together. Some stray observations that I enjoyed seeing were that augmented reality IS utilized in certain places in the galaxy. Mando’s helmet was able to see digital markings on various doors that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. Peli mentions she dated a Jawa, which completely blows my mind. How can a human female be attracted to a diminutive rodent-like being? She even grossly mentions how he was furry, and yeah… that’s a thing on Earth too. Liking furries. Well, I guess if a giant rock person could find a female human attractive as well, anything is possible.


I got a lot of The Phantom Menace vibes when Mando test-ran his new ship on Tatooine. It reminded me of podracing and yes, Mando calls his new ship ‘wizard’ when he lands. And I had to chuckle. Saying things are wizard is equivalent to what the kids on this planet say that something is “lite”. I just never expected it to come out of Mando’s mouth. All in all, this was such a fun episode, and I feel that it is just what the doctor ordered to shush the haters of this show. Hey!

The Book Of Boba Fett is streaming on Disney Plus now.


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