Star Wars The High Republic Starlight Shadows Remain Part 2 Review

Max explores the latest Star Wars: The High Republic short story found within the pages of Star Wars Insider

It’s time to head back to The High Republic era in Star Wars Insider’s conclusion to the Shadows Remain short story.

Star Wars Insider 208 was released on January 25th, 2022, in the US and the previous day in the UK. It brings the long-awaited conclusion to Shadows Remain, and what a story it is. Part 1‘s end showed the turncoat Senator Ghirra Staros capture the brave head of security of Starlight Beacon, Ghal Tarpfen. And those who read the novel The Fallen Star, should be very familiar with this traitorous senator’s immoral actions. But technically you heard it here first in the pages of Star Wars Insider.

The High Republic


Three days elapse in-between parts and the Mon Calamari warrior has been taken prisoner aboard a Nihil ship. It is very strange why she is being kept alive and I am very curious as to the reason. I am also curious about the nature of No-Space that the Nihil can hide in. Is it a separate dimension, like hyperspace? So many questions. I have so much respect for Ghal because she is incredibly tough and uses both her wits and her fists to try and escape. She is not to be trifled with!

Meanwhile, the head administrator of Starlight, Velko wonders what has happened to Ghal. And the poor woman’s name is dragged through the mud, as they contemplate the idea of her being the traitor. Velko also reflects that even though Ghal wasn’t her friend, she learned a lot from the woman. And when a message comes in from Ghal warning them of the Nihil’s treachery (albeit garbled); Velko vows to continue running Starlight to the fullest in Ghal’s memory.

Starlight Beacon


Justina Ireland is a gem of a writer because her short stories, much like her novels are deep and well-written. Ghal’s fate is left ambiguous, which I love. And since we don’t really see hide or hair of Velko Jahen in The Fallen Star, I have to assume the “Velko Files” are over. Indeed, that seems to be the case as advertised at the end of the story is that 209 is taking a WHOLE different direction.

Star Wars The High Republic


The next story is set to feature Zam Wesell and Jango Fett. What a shock! Yet, also exciting as Insider is done with The High Republic stories BUT is not discontinuing the stories themselves. Excellent. I am excited to get some more diverse stories. And I hope that they jump around eras like the fandom of old in terms of future short stories.

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