September 22, 2023
Star Trek Strange New Worlds

The frontier is waiting and the Enterprise is ready for action on the first official poster for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Although we are still a few months away from its release, Paramount+ has delivered a shiny new key art poster for Star Trek: Strange New WorldsThe Original Series prequel show will beam down to the streamer on May 5, and today’s new reveal per the Television Critics Association Winter press tour reveals our first look at the U.S.S. Enterprise. The redesigned constitution class starship appears to be hovering above Captain Christopher Pike’s home near Mojave. Pike appears at the foot of the poster in silhouette riding his faithful horse; first seen in the Original Series episode “The Cage”. Check it out below:

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Poster


In “The Cage”, Pike’s horse is referred to as Tango and features heavily in the Talosian’s illusion sequence. Throughout the episode, Pike is reminded of his home surroundings in a desperate attempt to push him into mating with Vina. So it makes perfect sense for the prequel series to explore more of Pike’s attachment to Mojave and his faithful steed.

Star Trek The Original Series Tango


Sadly, aside from a few limited featurette videos, we still know very little about the series. And Paramount is keeping its cards pretty close to the chest. So far, we know that Christina Chong will be playing La’an Noonien-Singh, a relative of iconic Trek baddie Khan. And Pike, Spock, and Number One are all back in action. As are Trek legends Nyota Uhura and Doctor M’Benga. But any plot details are a closely guarded secret, harder to get at than Spock’s emotions.

But with the chronometers ticking down to May 5; surely it’s only a matter of time before Paramount peels back the iron curtain, and reveals all. Of course, we’ll be on hand to bring you the latest as it emerges. So maintain your orbit around Future Of The Force for the latest news as it breaks.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 002
Star Trek: Discovery Season 2

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds debuts on Thursday, May 5 on Paramount+ in the United States, Australia; Latin America, and the Nordics. As well as on CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada. However, international distribution has still not been announced due to the slow rollout of the platform around the world.

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