Sasaki and Miyano delivers another delightful episode!”

It’s Sunday so this means it’s time for a new episode of Sasaki and Miyano. After episode 5‘s ending, the wait for the new episode has felt like an eternity! So what happens this week?


Last week, Sasaki told Miyano he loved him and that he would give him time to think about it. Episode six is untitled ‘Feelings.’ And it’s all about how Miyano feels about Sasaki. He still doesn’t know how he truly feels about him. He clearly has feelings for him but he’s not confident about them yet. It’s so sweet to see him wondering. I think we are all collectively waiting for the moment Miyano will confess his love to Sasaki. We are not there yet but with each episode we are getting closer to that moment.


Each episode brings us some delightful scenes between Sasaki and Miyano. And this episode continues to do so. I would say it even gives us some of their sweetest scenes. Sasaki is not afraid anymore to touch Miyano, he’s not trying to contained himself. Indeed, you see a Sasaki that feels freer and happier than before because now he has confessed his feelings. It’s so refreshing to see him like this. Even if Miyano hasn’t given him an answer, he stays positive and full of love. How can you not love Sasaki? He is the absolute best!

This episode also gives us some funny scenes between Miyano and his classmates. Tashiro and Kuresawa are so embarassing and they don’t even realize it.


I’m still in awe at the animation from this series. It’s the anime with the best visuals of 2022. The characters, the backgrounds, there is a beautiful attention to details.


Sasaki and Miyano delivers another delightful episode!

Sasaki and Miyano is now streaming on Funimation.


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