Queen Studios Bloodstorm Batman Statue

A nightmare vision of The Dark Knight will be coming in 2023. Bloodstorm Batman arrives at Queen Studios

Queens Studios are making a habit of producing excellent statues of characters from the DC Universe. Recently, they made available for preorder a set of three Greek/ American style statues of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. But now, they have produced a statue of Bloodstorm Batman. And it is enough to give us all nightmares. For those who are not in the know, this version of The Dark Knight stalks the streets of Gotham as a vampire. And gives the name Batman a more apt description. This one is for the ardent adult collector. And is not suitable for children to look at and hold.

Queen Studios 1/4 Scale Bloodstorm Batman Statue


The statue has been lovingly created by Queen Studios’ art director, Oliver Liu. He has combined his brilliance with that of renowned Japanese artist Hiroaki Nakamishi. And together, they have created a limited-edition statue that brings the Bloodstorm Batman to life in terrifying and stunning realism. There are two versions of the statue available.


The first is the regular version, which is limited to 599 pieces. This version will cost $865 and will require a deposit of $260 to secure one. The second is a premium version, which is limited to 399 pieces. This premium version of the outstanding statue will cost $1,035 to buy. And it will require a deposit of $350 to secure this limited piece.

Queen Studios 1/4 Scale Bloodstorm Batman Statue


The incredible Polystone statue measures in at 72cm(H) x 37.4cm(W) x 37.4cm (D). The preorder for this statue went live on February 7th and is available to preorder right now. The statue will release and be delivered during the first quarter of 2023. It is available to preorder in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in their local stores and retailers. Distribution is handled by HEO and PBM.


The statue is a 1/4 scale representation of the demonic Batman. It shows him perched on a gravestone base like an old-fashioned Gargoyle which decorates the outside of churches the world over. Batman’s eyes are blazing red with murderous rage. His skin ripples with the blood of his various enemies pumping directly through his veins. His bat-like wings hang behind him, stretching down to the ground. He is certainly not for the faint of heart or the easily disturbed. This incredible statue comes in two editions. And feature equally demonic, frightening switch-out head sculpts.

Queen Studios 1/4 Scale Bloodstorm Batman Statue


Bruce Wayne died when Batman destroyed the legendary vampire, Dracula. Now with only one side of his duel life left to take care of, Batman roams the streets of Gotham. A vampire, still attempting to be the savior of the innocent citizens while desperately trying to control his thirst for blood. As his greatest nemesis, The Joker takes over the remainder of Dracula’s legion of the undead, Batman must make a choice. He needs to decide whether to preserve his own soul. Or ensure the survival of Gotham.



This statue is incredible. It captures the essence of Bloodstorm Batman perfectly. It truly is a nightmare brought to life. The loving detail Oliver Liu and Hiroaki Nakamishi have put into the statue are amazing. The face behind the cowl is terrifying, something that haunts us in our darkest fears. The whole design is so intricate, it feels like the character has leaped off the comic book page to come to life in front of us. And in its way, is something truly beautiful. Any Batman fan will be clamoring to get their hands on one of these amazing statues. And they are available to preorder now on the Queens Studio website.

Will you be adding this statue to your collection? Do you think it is a worthy interpretation of the character? What would you like to see Queens Studios create next? Drop us a line below! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Source: Queens Studios




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