December 11, 2023
New Stills From The Batman

Ahead of its cinematic release on March 4, Warner Bros. has dropped a hi-res image gallery from Matt Reeves’ The Batman

With the clock ticking down to the release of The Batman, the Warner Bros. promotional campaign is kicking into full gear. This week, the cast kicked off the global press tour in the U.S ahead of their arrival in the U.K next week. And as expected, the Batcave is well and truly open for business!

The Batman

With the Batmobile now fully fuelled and racing towards the finish line, the studio has dropped a feast of hi-res images for us to chew over. A bunch of these stills have already been doing the rounds in a lower resolution, but this is the first time we’ve had them in this clarity. And believe me, they set the tone beautifully. So, grab your utility belt, polish your Batarang, and let’s explore the full gallery below:


As excited as I am for Matt Reeves’ upcoming Bat-flick, I do have my reservations. So far, the movie has been touted as the ultimate tribute to Batman: The Animated Series. A series I regard as the definitive incarnation of The Dark Knight. And to date, Michael Giacchino’s haunting score has tapped into the atmospheric ambiance of Shirley Walker’s masterwork on the series. And that alone gets my Bat-juices flowing.

The Batman

But, with drug-taking and torture making up The Riddler’s sadistic repertoire, I fear the dark side of Gotham may be too dark for some. But let’s hope I’m wrong. And if all else fails, at least we’ll have the blu-ray adventures of Adam West to fall back on!

We’ll answer these riddles when The Batman arrives in cinemas on March 4. Our reviews will be dropping as soon as time allows. So check back regularly. You’ll never miss a thing with Future of the Force.


Are you excited about Matt Reeves’ bat-flick? Is the 15 rating a step too far for the Caped Crusader? Drop a comment in the section below. We’d love to hear from you.

Source: Warner Bros

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