“I can’t get enough of Sasaki and Miyano. It continues to deliver a sweet story with endearing characters.”

It’s Sunday again so it’s time for the new episode of Sasaki and Miyano!


Does Miyano love Sasaki? It’s the eternal question for him. Once again, Miyano asks himself that question. By the end of the episode, he still doesn’t have the answer but bit by bit, he is coming to terms with it. It’s always so sweet to see him wondering. Especially when he looks for guidance in his BL manga before getting embarrassed and thinking about something else. As a matter of fact, maybe next week will be the episode it finally happens. Indeed, it’s called ‘I Realized.’ And if someone needs to realize something it’s Miyano. But will it happen during the episode or will it be a cliffhanger? So many questions, I really cannot wait to be next week! I’m always looking forward to the next episode when it comes to Sasaki and Miyano. I just love this story and the characters so much.


This week continues to give us tender scenes between Sasaki and Miyano. I loved the train scene. They listen to music together and talk about sharing CDs. Their interactions are just so pure. Sasaki telling Miyano he bought the new chapter of a BL manga also has to be one of their sweetest scenes. Miyano’s reaction is simply priceless.

Even though, these two are not together yet, Sasaki already feels jealous. Indeed, when Miyano meets one of his old schoolmate, Sasaki takes him away from her. This is a touching scene. Though, it also shows that Sasaki is starting to suffer again. He used to suffer because he hadn’t tell how he felt to Miyano. But now, he suffers because of Miyano’s indecisiveness. Sasaki loves him and obviously seeing him around with a girl might raise some questions.


I can’t get enough of Sasaki and Miyano. It continues to deliver a sweet story with endearing characters.

Sasaki and Miyano is now streaming on Funimation.


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