January 30, 2023
New Poster For Uncharted

Uncharted is an entertaining ride with breathtaking action. Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg make a great dynamic duo!”

Since 2008, Sony has tried to make a movie adaptation of the successful video game series Uncharted. After many years of complicated development, the project finally saw the light of day with Tom Holland starring as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Sully. Actually, Wahlberg was originally set to play Drake with previous directors. For fans of this franchise, this movie was long overdue.

That being said, having never played the games, I went to see the movie with no expectations. So, I will judge it by itself and not whether it’s a good adaptation.


Uncharted is Tomb Raider meets Indiana Jones. Indeed, you have intense action scenes like in Tomb Raider and you also have the adventure feel from Indiana Jones. Plus, when I think about it Nathan is very similar to Indy. They are both smart, witty and charming explorers. The main difference is that Nathan actually steals things. Thus, the movie includes a lot of double-crossing between the characters. It’s actually a bit like Pirates of the Caribbean. This movie definitely has some good inspirations. They borrowed elements from the best action-adventure movies and then made their own thing. In results, you get an entertaining ride. It’s undoubtedly a movie, I’ll watch again several times when I bought it in 4K. Uncharted delivers exactly what you would expect from that type of movie – thrills, surprises, action and adventure around the world.

There is also a post-credits scene and I would say you don’t want to miss it. It teases an exciting new adventure of Sully and Nathan!


Tom Holland is great in the lead role. He’s a dedicated actor with a lot of talent. Uncharted is another franchise that suits him. Plus, him and Mark Wahlberg make a dynamic duo! However, Antonio Banderas was underused for this movie. It’s probably my biggest issue.


Sony’s movies have consistently impressive visual effects and this one is no exception. The plane sequence and the boat sequence are absolutely breathtaking! In that way, it reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean again. It has the “WOW” factor when it comes to big action sequences. Furthermore, the fight scenes are well choreographed and shot.


Ramin Djawadi composing the score for an action-aventure movie? It’s a perfect fit. Once again, he has delivered a great score. I really like his Uncharted theme, it feels adventurous as you’d expect for this type of movie.


Uncharted is an entertaining ride with breathtaking action. Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg make a great dynamic duo!

Uncharted Poster

Uncharted is distributed by Sony and is now in cinemas.


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