December 8, 2023
Star Trek: Discovery: The Book Of Grudge

The adorable Maine Coon cat tells her story in Robb Pearlman’s enchanting and enjoyable Star Trek: Discovery: The Book Of Grudge

Who is the biggest star on ‘Star Trek: Discovery.’?Is it Captain Michael Burnham? First Officer Saru? The Discovery herself, in fact? No, of course not. The biggest star of the show is Grudge the cat! The feline companion of Cleveland ‘Book’ Booker has fast become a fan favorite. Although meant to just pace around in the background of several scenes, she has become a revelation. What people don’t know is that she is in reality, he. Or actually, a pair of he’s. But we won’t let that little thing deviate from our love for the feline star. And as a part of her newfound fame, she has told her story to author Robb Pearlman. For all her adoring fans out there, she has consented for her tale to be told. And it is a charming and adorable one.

Star Trek: Discovery: The Book Of Grudge Cover


We start off with an introduction. Here, Grudge speaks of the many questions she is asked. Questions such as “Please, my queen, do you prefer to be addressed as your highness or your majesty?”. “Why are you waking me up in the middle of the night?”. Or even “I’m deathly allergic to cats-where’s sickbay?”. To answer some of the questions, Grudge has written her first book. She will let people know what she thinks about everything as well as what we, as readers should think about her. Along the way, we will encounter some terrific illustrations. And for the Star Trek fans out there, you can’t help but smile in amusement. When you have an illustration that shows Grudge holding her paw up in a Vulcan salute with the words “I have been and always shall be, your queen”, you know you’re in for a good time.

Star Trek Grudge The Cat


Throughout the pages, Grudge gives her thoughts on many different topics. Although brief, it is amusing to see what a feline thinks of things. Subjects such as time, space, and mycelial space are spoken about. Black holes, The Burn, and humans are delved into with Grudge’s quick comments regarding them. She even demands that Starfleet give her a rank. Something above Admiral is what she is after.


Grudge also gives us a rundown on what she thinks of her human compatriots. Her favorite, apart from Book that is, comes in the form of Sylvia Tilly. For some of the others though, she doesn’t really care for them. Or just thinks they are funny. She imparts her wisdom on various other subjects such as Warp Drive and even the Discovery itself. But apart from her words, the changing of several of our favorite and most remembered phrases and speech from the entire Star Trek universe is a complete standout. I shan’t spoil what the reader will find along the way but at various points, it did have me in stitches.

Book and Grudge


The book is a perfectly harmless but effective little time waster. It is vastly amusing and enjoyable. And something that fans and non-fans alike will get a kick out of. Young fans will get a kick out of reading what Grudge thinks on various things. While the adults can giggle at some of the play-on-words that she speaks in her great illustrations. With full-color photographs to go along with the thoughts, it is a nifty little book that will delight and amuse all who read it. So, put your enjoyment on black alert and beam up this enjoyable book now!

Star Trek: Discovery: The Book Of Grudge by Robb Pearlman is published by Eaglemoss Collections/Hero Collector and is available to buy now.



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